Happy at Legoland

Happy at Legoland

Well, someone's obviously having a good time at Legoland! Super portrait of Hector Thea. Good skin tones and I like the background in this one. It's slightly bolder than your other backgrounds and works well. Also, you've managed to convey his happy , enthusiastic personality. Perhaps this look is because he's at Legoland, he's really enjoying it all! That's it, it's a happy portrait!

I agree with Louise, really lovely and happy portrait Thea, beautifully painted as always. I am sure Hector loves it

Thank you Louise, Petra and Larry for being kind about the portrait. As I said, it won't be hanging up there with the better ones I have done, but it does have the distinction of being the best I have managed of Hector so far. He seems to have a very difficult face to capture - not sure why, but I think this is about the 6th I have done (4 in the bin!). The very first portrait I did in my life was of Hector and at the time I was pleased that it even looked like a human being so I didn't bin that one as it was a rites of passage painting. Hopefully, at some time in my life I will turn out a decent one of him but until then, this will have to suffice.

One day I will pluck up the courage to try a portrait - If I do I hope it turns half as good as this

A delghtful piece, Thea! He definitely looks like he had some serious fun!

Lovely portrait Thea, certainly looks a happy chap. Are you a fan of Charles Reid Thea? I received an email from jackson art this morning adverising a new DVD by Charles Reid, with a preview to play.

Thank you very much Midori, Michael, Seok and Fiona for the generosity of your comments which are much appreciated. Fiona, Charles Reid is my hero and has been such an inspiration to me. I have all his DVD's and books, including the latest one on figurative painting. I actually can't do portraits like him (have tried and failed) and feel more comfortable doing them my way, but the DVD is wonderful as watching the man paint is fantastic. His attitude to painting and watercolour is very individual and wouldn't suit everyone. However, when I saw him paint for the first time I knew that this was the technique I had been subconsciously searching for from the first moment I picked up a paint brush. The other artist who I have learned a lot from is Judi Whitton. A lot of people don't 'get' Charles Reid, especially in England, but he is one of the foremost American watercolourists and over there he is highly thought of. I actually prefer American watercolourists to English ones as they seem to be more into colour and looseness, which is what attracts me. He is coming over to the UK to run two workshops next year and I am determined to get on one just for the joy of watching him paint. He is getting on a bit now, so it may be a last chance. Fingers crossed!

Beautiful portrait Thea, he looks very happy!

You've certainly caught the enjoyment on his face Thea. A very happy portrait.

Thank you very much Carole and Val. Such nice comments always lighten the day.

For emotion in the face I would give you 100%. He has that enthusiasm children get when they want to tell you all about their experiences in 30 seconds flat :) It is such a lovely picture Thea, Well done!

I think you've done Hector and yourself proud, it's a lovely portrait of one very happy looking chap!

I think this is a very good portrait Thea and you must be very proud of it. Hector looks relaxed, happy and very natural and you have captured all these things in watercolour!! I do admire your skill.

Well, I think they said it all, Thea. I just can add to this: I agree with all 100%. You are our "queen of portraits".

This whole portrait sequence is a real joy to view. There is the lovely technique involved, you really do control it well, and the application over a period of time to such a body work. Do you have them framed? They make a wonderful "family" gallery.

Sorry, Thea, that should read "body of work" in the second sentence.

Thank you so much Sarah, Debs, Mia, Satu and Dennis for such lovely comments which mean a lot to me. Dennis, I have framed some of my portraits because I had an exhibition back in February and had to do them for that. I confess to being a bit lazy about framing if I don't need to, but Hector's mum likes this portrait and the subsequent one I have done, so I might frame them for her to hang in her house.

Hang on Studio Wall

I have tried for ages to do a half decent portrait of my middle grandson, Hector, and have failed dismally every time. However, I had another go using a photo I took of him on a recent trip to Legoland and, although not brilliant, is the best I have manage to achieve so far. I think you can tell from the expression on his face that he was having a great time - I think he had just come of the Dragon Rollercoaster! Watercolour on Langton Prestige 140lbs.

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