Museum of Iron, Coalbrookdale

Museum of Iron, Coalbrookdale

What I enjoy tremendously about your paintings, Thea, is that you always combine so beautifully a sense of the place and your very personal take of it, and this is no exception. The Museum of Iron, by its very name, does sound rather dingy, and I love your use of a very uplifting palette to alleviate the scene. A lovely piece, Thea!

I agree with Seok, your paintings are always so fresh and pleasing. I love how you interpret the scene in your own unmistakable way. A well spent day, you must be very pleased with your success!

Wow, this is again a typical "Thea"-pen and wash. Seok and Christine said it much better than I ever could, Thea. So keep on the good work. I love it.

From the looks of this place, you don't know the meaning of 'dingy' dark' bricks..LOL . It's another very nice, well observed sketch Thea. Beautiful clock tower and super (clean) cars! Good shadows as well which give the building a sunny feel. After this, you'll probably start noticing a lot more when you're out and about. I find myself looking much more closely at old buildings since I've been painting them.

More of an idea Thea, this brings it clear and beautifully done

Clean, crisp and beautifully interpreted Thea. What a lovely painting!

Thank you very much Seok, Christine, Mia, Louise, Derek and Satu - you are all very kind. It was actually the first time, on this Sketch Day, that I had attempted to draw and paint scenes or objects that didn't immediately draw me in. I think I coped by changing the colours and probably even the atmosphere of the place, but it was the only way that I could think to interpret it. The next sketch I will post shows much more of the industrial dinginess of the place and it is actually the one sketch of the four that I am least keen on, although it is probably the truest. The next venue for the Sketch Club is Ellesmere College and I have no idea what awaits me! I am looking forward to the one at Ludlow Food Centre as there are some tremendous black and white buildings around there, an award winning farm shop and a super cafe, which is one of my favourite lunch haunts when I am down that way. I won't know whether to eat or sketch!

Lovely crisp and lively sketch.Well composed too.

this is wonderful Thea, there is no sense of however dingy the place might actually be, it has now had the 'Thea' treatment and looking splendid for it, the wash you have used for it has brightened it up enormously I would think never having been there myself, it now looks quite appealing, great to hear you are back on your feet and out and about again now after your operation that had you indoors for a while!

How clever to come up with such a lively attractive sketch under the circumstances. The red car does it for me - lifts the whole scene.

Yes, crisp and bright as usual. Excellent. Artistic licence etc!

Thank you very much David, Ros and Sharon for such nice comments. Ros, yes I am back on my feet now and back to being able to walk our dog, which is lovely. Inactivity doesn't suit me at all!

Thank you, Gudrun - yes - a healthy dose of artistic licence I think!

Interesting!!! I liked the romantic touch you gave to the whole sketch.

Not been on for a few days so I'm glad I just spotted this one. You've made, what must be quite a dingy building to look at, into something quite special with the colours and the atmosphere you've achieved.

Super work, one of your best!

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The is the second sketch I did on my outing with the Sketch Club and is of the main museum building which also houses the cafe (where I enjoyed a nice lunch). The clock tower was lovely, but the actual building was constructed of rather dingy and dark bricks, so I gave it a slightly more romantic interpretation. The addition of a few cars in the car park in front of it completed the scene. It isn't the best sketch I have ever done, but hopefully it gives the idea of the place. Pen and Wash in my sketch book.

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