Sketches from my Holiday - Southwold Pier

Sketches from my Holiday - Southwold Pier

Delicious Thea - like the teas it no doubt serves - and full of felicitous little touches: the diagonal boards which are a perfect foil for the horizontality and also lead us into the painting; the lively figures; the acutely observed bench perspective, all subtly different. Is that Antwerp or Prussian Blue I see? Might I suggest an additional flash of inexplicable red or yellow somewhere (the small steeple?) just to set it off? Thanks for your sincere feedback on my stuff (hope you enjoyed the rogues' gallery photo).

I spent a relaxing few days last year in Southwold with a few of my art group friends, we loved the quirky pier and it's lovely shops! Your excellent painting has brought back happy memories!

Thank you, Kim. The blue on the roof is Indigo with touches of Winsor Violet, and the blue of the sea is Holbein's Peacock Blue/Viridian. I agree about the flash of red somewhere and I wish I had thought of it. Some bits of the painting are a bit heavy handed, but I have been struggling lately, as I think you know, to get something (anything in fact) down on paper so I was just glad to produce another holiday sketch. (P.S. I loved your amazing rogues gallery and will be replying very soon to give more feedback about them all).

Thank you, Christine - it is a lovely place, both the town and the pier, isn't it? Can't wait to re-visit it soon.

This is the most beautiful little sketch ever Thea! Is is absolutely charming and I love everything in it!!

Full of colour and light Thea! We visit there every so often, a lovely spot!

Delightful sketch Thea.

Thank you very much Satu, Sarah and Stephen - the pier does seem to be a favourite place for quite a few people and rightly so as it is quite small, friendly with lots of nice amenities on it and, of course, you get a great view of those famous beach huts.

A lovely scene beautifully drawn and painted. It's so English...... as are cream teas! Mmmm. The different line work and splashing make it very dynamic.

Like the blues you've used here Thea. Good colour choice, well balanced and excellent line work. Possibly I've said this before but as they get better and better, I'll say it of your best holiday sketches I think!

Hi Thea i missed this one . Its lovely and its a place close to my heart , what a lovely place Southwold is Thea i do envy you visiting this beautiful area well done its a lovely honest piece of work.

Don't know whether I should comment on this Thea - last time I commented on a picture of Eastbourne pier, it burnt down the next day ..... well, whatever happens, you have recorded it for posterity and so attractively. Your fresh and crystal clear washes sing out from the page.

This is just lovely, Thea. Like Sharon, the first thing that struck me were your crystal clear washes. Watercolor at its very best!

Just catching up having spent all yesterday at SAA offices and warehouse - this a super study so simply stated. I know you would like one of my little sculptures and will be posting a few more images soon - I will then drop you a message and if you are still interested I am sure we can sort something out re delivery etc and I can let you know what is still available.

Thank you very much Avril, Louise, Derek, Sharon, Seok and Michael for your very encouraging comments. Sharon - hopefully this pier will escape any negative vibes! Michael, thank you - do let me know what you have on offer.

Very charming pen & wash Thea. Nice and loose and fresh looking.

Another of your lovely paintings Thea lovely shades.

Catching up after a nasty 24 hour plus horrible bug thing! Lovely colours and charming scene, really well done.

Hang on Studio Wall

Another of my sketches following my Suffolk Holiday. The lovely pier at Southwold provided an afternoon's entertainment, super little shops and a nice cafe to have a coffee in -plus the amazing view - perfect. Pen and Wash.

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