Bee Quiet!

Bee Quiet!

Priceless, Thea!! Great tittle too! The small booties are adorable. I've still got one granddaughter who loves her dummy and it makes life so much easier.

Thank you, Satu. I confess to having been very snooty about dummies when my two girls were babies but now having seen how easily they have pacified my grandchildren, I am all in favour of them. Just a shame they don't still have them when they are teenagers, lol!

This is fun and fabulous, Thea! Certainly not rubbish. Love those eyelashes, and the booties!

The dummy says it all Thea

What a cute bee Thea! Love the dummy and bootees.

Love his slightly startled expression as if he's thinking what's this dummie or 'dumbee' in baby bee talk!!

What a bonny bee, love those booties. Would not be without dummies for the twins!!

Love this Thea, a great addition to the bee theme!

Ah, very cute...perhaps bee-cause he's Smashing Thea!

Thank you, Seok, Dennis, Carole, Louise, Debs, Christine and Fiona for bee-ing so kind as to leave such buzzing comments!

He's a little darling Thea - great addition the bee plague.

Thank you very much Michael.

Oh this made me laugh Thea, I just love that expression and the dummy and the bootees.

Hang on Studio Wall

I am rubbish at cartoons and this is the best I could come up with - done just in the spirit of joining in. The idea probably was inspired by having my two smallest grandchildren for the day, with associated noise. Sadly they are too old now to have a dummy shoved in their mouths! However, the TV works almost as well.

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