Roger's Limoncello Box

Roger's Limoncello Box

Not sure, but to me it looks like you have "cracked" it. This is a beautiful piece, with a very restful feel. I love the paintbrush and tubes of paint leading the eye in towards the sweetie box. The flowers, for me have just the right amount of detail to identify without distracting. A lovely composition as ever.

Thank you very much, Elizabeth, for your vert kind comment.

Sorry - that should be 'very' not 'vert'!

Crack them? How much do you want to crack them by??? I think this is wonderful and the flowers are great. I agree about it being restful in fact it's fabulous..

Thank you very much, Dawn - you are very kind. Ah - you know how it always want to do better and then there is that little picture in your head of how you want a painting to look that never quite translates onto the paper. I am sure that this quest for the ideal is what keeps us all going!

Very nice Thea! Those colours work so well.

You've done it again! I can't not like your paintings Thea...... lovely subject, palette and technique!

At last....a name I recognise! Hi Thea, I haven't been on the site for a while so apologies if I've missed any of your postings. I promised myself that I would only go back half a dozen pages or I will be here for a week trying to catch up! I spotted your style right away Thea, beautiful colours that make your whites look so does the apple. Lol!

Lovely watercolour Thea, great composition and I really like your loose flowers, pink carnations?

Gorgeous work as always Thea and so pleased have found one of your and can say congratulations at making it to be one of the featured paintings in 'Paint' the magazine from the SAA, with your gorgeous watercolour of your daughter in her bridal outfit, I thinks it was your daughter..! yes i'm sure it was! Its the heat today 25 degrees a real record for us!, yes I love your still life Thea, your colours are always so perfect, now, what to do with my poor Labrador Rosie who doen't know what to do with herself in this heat!!

Thank you very much Louise, Avril, Fiona, Carole and Ros for such lovely comments - always appreciated, especially when I haven't been too sure about some elements of a painting. Fiona, how nice to hear from you again. I seem to not recognise so many names on the gallery these days that it is lovely to see a comment from one of the 'old guard'. Carole, it must be my painting, but they are actually peonies (!) although they could be anything I suppose as I tried hard not to define them too much. Avril, ditto what I said to Fiona - it is always lovely to see a comment from an old friend. Ros, thank you for your comment about my painting in Paint mag. It is indeed my daughter and the portrait is on my portrait gallery on POL. I thought the reproduction in the magazine was awful - makes the portrait look pale and anaemic and very patchy. That's printing for you I suppose. I am not complaining, of course, but it would have been nice to see the painting better represented. As for your poor doggy, they do suffer terribly in the heat, don't they. We have installed air conditioning in the kitchen and when the heat of the mid-day gets too much, I shut all the doors and have the air con on full blast and my dog is very comfortable in there. They are stupid though, aren't they, as my dog (a retriever) goes and lies in the full sun and then wonders why she is painting like a steam train!!

That was a Freudian slip, wasn't it. My dog, although talented in many ways, hasn't mastered the arts of painting yet, so I meant 'panting like a steam train', of course lol!

I rather like the idea of Milly

So do I - she might make a better job of it than me!

Such a very pretty picture, not suprised you kept the box and decided to paint it!

Thank you very much, Gudrun and Debs, for your continued support and lovely comments.

Love the colours in this one Thea, a charming still life,

I always thought your flowers and still lifes were fabulous Thea, and this one is top notch indeed! It's such a lovely record of your momentos.

Thank you very much Lesley and Seok - your comments are much appreciated.

Lovely loose painting with super colours

Hang on Studio Wall

My husband, Roger, came back from one of his photographic trips to Italy with a box full of Limoncello chocolates. The chocs disappeared in record time, but I rather liked the box so I kept it as future fodder for a still life. It has popped up in this one, accompanied by some rather colourful flowers and a few other bits I had lying around. The flowers were a large and complicated bunch, which threw me a bit and I didn't manage to achieve the degree of looseness and freedom that I wanted. However, flowers are 'work in progress' for me and if I keep going I might crack them one day. Watercolour on Fabriano Artistico Extra White 140lbs.

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