The South Lookout Tower, Aldeburgh

The South Lookout Tower, Aldeburgh

Ido love your illustrations Thea. The line work is full of life and just the right amount of colour. Another winner!

Just the right amount of white Thea and the long shadow pulls the whole thing together well. Also, very well drawn!

Thank you Avril and Louise. You are very kind.

First class study...just enough looseness combined with attention to detail, good atmosphere and compositionally spot on!. As for's never the same. I thought that apple mac would give consistency of colour and transfer onto POL without problems but it never does but blurring isn't one of them....what camera do you use and are you using sharpening facility? Also, if you are hand holding when shooting it could make an imperceptible difference.

Beautifully drawn again Thea! Soft colours and the whiteness work well together giving the painting a lot of light and sharp crispness. Certainly a lovely place for a holiday.

In your usual charming style Thea! Just lovely!

Yes, lovely drawing with lots of character in the penwork strengthened with the fresh, delicate washes of colour.

Happy painting, full of seaside atmosphere. Quite a complex drawing I think, but you make it look so easy. Particularly like the sand : just enough, just right.

This is again a fantastic addition to your pen and wash gallery, Thea. I have the same problem uploading the photo's from my Mac to the POL site. On my screen they look perfect, but once they are in the Gallery, they are not sharp at all. I am glad (well, not quite!) that I am not the only one to have this problem, I thaught I did something wrong.

One small's late and I'n knackered but never mind that...Prescriptive...don't groan... the telegraph pole and tv ariel do nothing for your study but including them is what we all do because...they are there! Picky? Don't think so...keep looking.. It's still good...

Thank you very much Roger, Sat, Sarah, Colin Sharon and Mia for you lovely feedback. Quite honestly I wasn't expecting many compliments as I didn't feel this one was any good, so you have all cheered me up - thank you! Roger I have to confess that I deliberately put the pole and aerials in because I like a scene to be 'real' and not sanitised by removing the trappings of life today. I would have included cars if there had been any. I am never sure what is a good idea compositionally, so my viewers get the full bells and whistles (and I have been known to invent cars, poles and wires to liven a scene up - probably the wrong thing to do but most of the time I haven't a clue what I am doing anyway, lol) However, I am glad you made that observation as comments like that always set me thinking.

One of the beautiful builders there Thea. We used to go there for a walk on the beach years ago when we took my mother in law to visit her sister. Beautiful painting!

That is how to apply paint! I also have the lack of image sharpness issue so I suspect it is the gallery page replication of image that does it.

This is a very 'jolly' summery painting Thea and it has your stamp on it.

Thank you very much Carole, Gudrun and Stephen - very nice of you to leave positive comments. Gudrun, I use a really good Canon camera, with daylight lighting if necessary, I hold the camera totally steady and the images are still blurred on POL. Also I can't seem to overcome the grey look the paper has when photographed. I use Fabriano Extra White paper and it still looks grey in photos. However, some images of paintings come out ok and some don't - reason...?

I haven't viewed the gallery for a few days Thea due to the arrival of our new grandson Frederick Thomas. Aldeburgh is a place I know well and you have captured this scene perfectly!

Many,many congratulations - what a lovely name! Aren't grandchildren wonderful! Thank you for your kind comment and also for taking the time to look at such a busy and exciting time for you. Hope mother and baby are doing well.

Brilliant composition Thea and lovely work as usual. :)

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Aldeburgh is one of my favourite places and happily I am returning there for a week's holiday in late August. However, how much sketching I will get done is debatable as I will have a 4 year old and 8 year old in tow! Pen and wash on Fabriano. (P.S. Sorry that the image looks blurry until it is enlarged - does anyone else have this problem with images on POL? They look perfectly sharp on my computer, but the minute I load them on the gallery, they look out of focus. Enlarging the image seems to sort this problem out).

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