Church of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice

Church of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice

You have done very well. The tones are just right, its well drawn and its not too tight.

Thanks, Chris, for the encouragement. My problem is that I have always used the direct method of painting and have little experience of washes per se. Very much a beginner at this style, but enjoying it.

Recognised this as 'Thea' the moment I saw it. . Actually you've done rather well so don't worry - its a great study

Nice one Thea, a bit more detailed than you usually do, but I love detail, so great I far as I am concerned. Thanks for all your comments over the past months Thea and have a lovely Christmas and best wishes for the new year.

Thank you very much Michael, Peter and Kirstie for your helpful comments. Wishing you all a peaceful and happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Perhaps when all the festivities are over we might all find some time to paint!

This is great Thea, lovely use of colour, and love your portrayal of the amazing architecture of Venice

This is your style Thea and you should carry on the way you are, love it.

Nice to see some more of your work. Fred has said it. Carry on!

Bellissimo Thea! The composition works really well as the horizontal section of buildings stand well in that beautiful sky and empty foreground. Just enough detail I'd say. Attractive, warm colour as well as confident direct painting!

Thank you so much Ros, Fred, Gudrun and Louise for your wonderful support. I have learned so much in 2012 from all the helpful and constructive feedback on this gallery. Looking forward to more challenges in 2013.

Lovely to see your unmistakable style on the gallery again Thea.......very refreshing. Wishing you and your family the best of the season and many thanks for all your comments and encouragement over the past twelve months.

Dear Thea, it's so tempting fudge with watercolour! The medium has a vocation for abstraction, but that doesn't mean we should submit to it. On the contrary: it's what we claw back that makes our work personal. Yours is consistently individual, instantly recognizable and delightfully expressive. Thanks for all your warm words this year. Happy painting in 2013. Let's continue to seek solace in each other's passions and foibles. Ultimately, the great consolation of art is the recognition that someone's been there before...

Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy New Year to you and yours Thea. You are so brave tackling buildings like that and what a super job you have made of them, such a lovely pen and wash.

Thank you so much Fiona, Kim and Val for those kind words. Thank you for all your wonderful support and advice in 2012. Please keep up the good work in 2013 as I need all the help I can get! Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year. May all your presents come from Ken Bromley lol!

I agree with Val, you are brave painting such an intricate prospect, and you've pulled it off with your usual aplomb!

Tutto bene Thea! A beautiful watercolour again and nothing wrong with it. If I could paint like that I would be a happy bunny. I hope that you had enough snow in Lapland! Did you meet Santa? I'm in Helsinki at the moment and nearly drowning in snow. Back to UK on Wednesday. Have a lovely Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!

Thank you so much Satu and Debs for your great comments. Happy Christmas to your both and thank you so much for all your input and support in 2012 - so much appreciated.

Beautiful watercolour, great colours and composition Thea, Merry Christmas!

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Managed to squeeze in a painting in between Christmas preparations and a wonderful trip to Lapland. It is Venice again - sorry - but the buildings do lend themselves to pen and wash so well that I couldn't resist. I am still struggling with how to just add washes without too much detail and I am not sure how well I have done with this one.

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