Oscar aged 11

Oscar aged 11

Definately shows his open and sweet nature...love your delicate work Thea!

I think you have done a lovely job with this portrait, i would be overwhelmed with such a result.

So much more to treasure than a photo!

Posted by Ann Cook on Wed 13 Apr 22:28:06

Thank you Angi, Lorraine and Ann for your kind comments. I think I find baby and very young children easier to do. Oscar is getting to the age where his face is taking on a more teenage/adult look and I have only done a couple of those sort of portraits, so am lacking in experience and expertise I think. However, I loved painting Oscar as he is a super chap.

Beautiful portraiy, Thea... Your painting is so delightful to view. I understand that you are going to have an exhibition next year. I am so happy that you can give other art lovers a chance to view your work since I always feel so luck to be able to see your painting......

Lovely work Thea. You always seem to know exactly when to put your brush down! you never overwork your paintings.I always find it difficult not to paint right to the edge of the paper. Your style of work is lovely. Age 11, he does look extremely sweet natured, just wait a few years ! I'm looking forward to seeing him here age 16 :) Seriously though, it's a lovely painting of a young boy who you obviously love very much. It shows through your painting here. Well done.

Thank you very much Larry and Louise for your nice and so encouraging comments, which I appreciate so much. Louise, I know what you mean about 16 - remember myself at that age! Oscar is very special to me - he has Aspergers and although a very intelligent, altruistic and polite boy, he faces many challenges in his ordinary life. My heart bleeds for him when sometimes those challenges overwhelm him, like they have done in the last few months when he moved to senior school. I am glad if my love for him shows in the portrait - that is a super compliment and I apprecaite it.

A lovely, lovely portrait, Thea! You are so good at getting your tonal work right at first go. Oscar looks like such a happy and sweet boy, and it must obviously be because he is your grandson! Your joie de vivre really comes through your paintings, and is especially evident in this painting. Your joy in your lovely grandson shines right through.

It is always a delight to see your work Thea, I'm struck by the light you manage to capture. The lighting in this portrait is so sensitive and beautifully described, well done!

Thank you so much Seok and Lesley. Seok, I am pleased that you think the tone is right as it is something I have struggled with. I am not sure I get it right first go though - I do have to adjust a bit. My problem is that I usually paint in the evenings with a daylight bulb and when I look at the painting in the light of day, I sometimes get a shock and have to rush back in with my paintbrush. Also pleased that you, Lesley, think I have got some light into the painting - another thing I have been working on so it is nice to know that I am getting somewhere. Much appreciate all your input.

lovely work again thea, he looks a happy young man

Sorry, Thea, I made a typo. I mean lucky not " luck"...

Thea, just recognize that you usually paint in the evening. I always do the same, because it is the only free time I have. I usually look at it next day, but I put the painting upright and view it from distance. Somehow, the mistakes jump out at me.. Hope this is helpful..

Wonderful portrait Thea, you manage to get those little sparkly highlights that bring your paintings to life.

I've heard people say that it is very difficult to do portraits of the subject smiling and that it is best to avoid smiles, but you have just proved all that wrong here with your portrait of Oscar because his eyes are smiling too, and that is where the true smile is

Posted by p p on Fri 15 Apr 12:33:29

I've heard people say that it is very difficult to do portraits of the subject smiling and that it is best to avoid smiles, but you have just proved all that wrong here with your portrait of Oscar because his eyes are smiling too, and that is where the true smile is

Posted by p p on Fri 15 Apr 12:33:51

Hi Thea, I've just read the painters on-line blog which says the next challenge is to be labrador puppies ! Time to stock up on Thorntons or alchohol so we're prepared. I hope they don't carry out this threat ! I don't think I'll be attempting that subject unless there's a large cash incentive or perhaps a nice holiday up for grabs! :} Mind you, we said that about T&F but still couldn't resist it. I noticed that quite a few of the entries hadn't been previously posted by the artists which was a shame. Sour grapes, me? never! I'm only just getting over the disapointment, which I'm ashamed to admit to. Puppies? what more can I say, thanks for listening, I know that you're sympathetic. All your chocs eaten yesterday were they?

Hi, Louise,I heard the word 'puppies' and although I love them to bits, I don't think I could paint one for toffee. I might have a go just for the hell of it, but this time really won't expect to get anywhere. I could take a lead from Satu and paint them with three legs, four ears and a windmill for a tail? What do you think - does it sound like a winning combination to you? Reaching for the Thorntons (or even the Throntons) as I speak!!

Brilliant idea, especially the windmill for a tail !

So..so funny, Thea and Louise...Bu I have to agree with you two......

Another winner Thea! Can't say any more than has already been said - wonderful!

Your portraits are brilliant.Great pictures.

Your portraits are brilliant.Great pictures.

Thea darling, I have been up and down these many gallerys on POL and there is nobody that paints watercolour portraits like you { they are just amazing } ---So I set you a portrait { FREE PHOTO no6 } A few details to help. The ladies name is Lilian - my partner - The background is the inside of a tent The photo is the results of us joining family members camping and Lilian enjoying herself -- plenty of alcolhol{Baileys and Tia Maria}--The face says it all {I'm happy} IF you cannot cope with with this say so, I will not be offended.All the best Chas--Oh its Lilians birth on 19 July and I would love to have any painting you produce on my computer screne--- I will enter no6 now

Charles, firstly thank you so much for your wonderful comments about my gallery. It is such a joy to hear things like that. Secondly, I am sadly going to have to say that I am not really able to do a portrait of Lilian and I'll tell you why. I have only painted two adults in my life and it proved to be a bridge too far on both occasions with me sweating blood over them. I only paint babies and children and my own grandchildren at that. In the past I have tried to paint portraits of people I haven't met and I have found it impossible as it seems that I need to be able to 'recognise' the person emerging from the paper and I can't do that if I don't know the person inside and out. So there is no way that I could possible do justice to Lilian. I am so very flattered that you thought that I might be capable, but I think my abilities are not a match for the task. So very sorry.

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I hae never managed to do a decent portrait of Oscar. Don't know why but I find his face hard to capture. I got this one about 95% accurate but felt I could do better, so tried a few adjustments. I am a lot happier with the result now. I also wanted to show his open and sweet nature and hopefully this portrait show that.

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