Chas Wilby


Hi there my name is Chas and I'm a retired old coal miner - 77 years old at the given time - 2016 - Working underground for 7-10 hours a day ( night shift ) and sleeping 8 hours a day i never saw much daylight - but on the few hours to me - I used to be out on my old motorcycle or walking - taking along with me an old brownie camera that had been given to me when I was sixteen years old -= I became a keen photographer and its from these photos that I paint what I call my memories - ( I am disabled but still manage to get out and about with the camera - although it be by car and I take most of my photos from the side of the road ) i have been painting for 17 years and am completely a self taught artist - never having lessons - I mainly paint in acrylic or watercolour I have paintings in the USA - India - Europe - and the UK - For me my paintings are my memories and I would like to share them with you To see more of my work -- ----