Wanna Bees

Wanna Bees

Super witty piece Thea, I hear they are creating quite a buzz!

Clever Theo not just a pretty face then . Yes the great fun I bet you enjoyed painting it lovely well done.

A brilliant one for the current bee theme 'the Spice Bees'

Thank you very much Stephen, Dennis (I couldn't persuade you to call me Thea, rather than Theo, could I?), Glennis and Lisa for enjoying the joke (or the attempted one!). Was it Michael who started the Bee Fest? If he did, it was a genius idea as it has lent itself to some great cartoons which have given us all a good giggle and lightened the mood on the gallery. I love joining in with these challenges as they give the mind a rest from the serious business of trying to produce a masterpiece (in my dreams unfortunately!).

That's a great one Thea and I seem to remember you saying you couldn't think of anything! It is great fun isn't it and, as you say, it gives us all a laugh! I hope another challenge will be suggested once the bees have buzzed off!

Brilliant Thea. Love it.

To bee or not to bee . Love em

Love it , that's great Thea , thanks for the laughs

Thank you very much Christine, Carole, Sylvia and Dermot for buzzing along with nice comments.

This is absolutely fabulous Thea. Funnily enough, the Wannabees do actually bear an uncanny resemblance to those spice girls in their heyday. You've got their stance, hair and colouring all wrapped up in the bee look!

Thank you, Louise - if I remember rightly they always stood in the same order and wore different clothes from each other. The one far right is supposed to be Posh (she's still got the odd stance today) and Mel has darker skin and Gerry H has red hair. Given that lot it was much easier to do them. I just copied the stance and general look from a photo as I am not clever like you and can't just do it from imagination like you do.

Oh, this is priceless, Thea! What an inspired piece, I just love your take on Scary, Ginger and Posh! I could just see them in those outfits! And their poses - spot on! Oops, have I just made the embarrassing confession that I was a fan?!<br />

You&#39;ve got their attitude spot on Thea. Fantastic!

Haha..very clever...which one are you?

That is really clever, enough said...

Still laughing at this one and you say you can&#39;t do cartoons? - for shame!!

Fabulous again Thea! You have caught them so well! I think that I have run out if bee ideas and as Christine said, hopefully somebody will think of something new for the dark autumn months. We had such fun with the snails and the the oneliners and now the bees.

Excellent idea Thea!

Thank you very much Seok, Sian, Val, Roger K, Alan, Debs, Satu and Gudrun - great comments and so much appreciated.

Thank you very much, Fiona - a bit corny but I couldn&#39;t resist once I came across the photo of the famous five.

Not corny at all Thea, I would say innovative.

Thanks Fiona - innovative I like, lol!

Just seen this, Thea! It made me laugh. Very clever title!

Hang on Studio Wall

My very last (I think!) Bee cartoon. I got the idea after see an old clip of the Spice Girls singing Wannabe and thought they might all look rather fetching dressed as bees!

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