I like these semi abstract paintings Thea . It looks like a fun way to paint and it brings some surprisingly good results . Well done again Thea.

I like your splat cat Thea, a stroke of genius to do a rear view and avoid having to place the paws and features! I'm back from holiday later today and looking forward to a bit of splattering over the weekend.

Looks a gorgeous pussycat Thea, makes a great splatter painting.

Just lovely Thea. As always.

Another winner Thea lovely

You've got that tilt of a sitting cat. Very effective.

Lovely splattered cat

Lovely splattering Thea!

Shes gorgeous Thea, super colour and good backround, the slightly darker blue blown bits underneath her work very well. Especially that bit under the tip of her tail which adds some movement for me, as if she's just about to wander off!

Thank you very much Dennis, Christine, Carole, Kal, Dennis, Gudrun, Glennis, Sarah and Louise for your lovely comments. I do have a lot of photos of Cleo facing me, or lying down, etc. which I could have used but I wondered if I could capture that 'cattiness' in what is basically a featureless shape. One of two of the comments kindly made indicate that I might have achieved this, so that is really nice to hear. Thank you all again as your input is most appreciated.

Thank you very much, Stephen.

Super feline shape and the whiskers set it off a treat! Getting used to the site a bit more now, thank goodness!

Nicely done, Thea! I especially like the spatters at the points of contact, which provide very interesting shapes and marks and ties the entire painting together.

Love it, nice technique Thea

Thank you Debs (yes the site is a bit of a minefield at first), Seok and Petra for your kind and generous comments. I am finding it interesting that you don't always have to use conventional tools, like a brush, to produce work using paint mediums. It has also surprised me how crucial it is that the spatters end up in the right place, are the right density and the right shape - not easy to control as I have found out! I initially thought that you just chucked paint at it, but not so it would seem.

Very stylish, contemporary and charming, Thea.

What a portrait Thea! Leaning to the right as cats do and you have even used some blowing in the shadows. Gorgeous!

A dotty cat...what fun. Please note I found you. After more Hokey Cokey

Love how you have expanded the splatter theme Thea, a great result.

Thank you very much Marjorie, Satu, Sylvia and Fiona for such nice comments. Sylvia, I admit I am not normally a great one for expanding themes, but I am beginning to realise the benefits of sticking to something and discovering more about it.

Hang on Studio Wall

This is my elder daughter's Lilac Burmese cat, Cleo from a photo I took of her. I used the spatter technique and used colours to try and suggest the shades in her coat.

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