Chateau de la Barroux

Chateau de la Barroux

Love the pale colours and how the painting is framed around the sky & foreground!

Lovely watercolour Thea.

Superb Thea. Your palette and lose style are wonderful.

Gorgeous piece, Thea. The colors and your rendition of the buildings are brilliant.

Superb pastel shades. Looks a beautiful place Thea.

A very complicated piece so well executed. I'm jealous of that building.

Lovely loose style, Thea, making for a delightful painting.

Your style stands out and i know its you!!! its clean loose transparent and sooooooooooo well done.:)linda

Thea, you have done wonder with this scenery. It is not easy to paint such a grand building with such freshness. I love your style. Perfect.

A beautiful painting of this imposing chateau, lovely style as ever. Congratulations for your painting in Paint this month, you chose my favourite subject :)

Me again! I love the comment you left on my Fishing Net - I had such a laugh! Thank you, Thea.

You're a very competant watercolourist Thea....lovely loose technique and use of colour.Delightfull choice of subjects...

Thank you for that compliment, Vivian. I think is is one of the nicest comments I have had - cheered me up no end. Am suffering from a terribly bad back at the moment and I need something to lift my day, which you certainly have done.

Hi Thea. Thanks so much for your encouraging comments. They were very welcome. I love your water colours. I actually know very little about oils even tho' i paint with them. I use the paint thinly ( can't afford to use it any other way ) I think i oil paint in a way similar to watercolours. I love the way oils enable me to blend colours. I know you can do this with water colour but.... it's easier with oils !I admire your style very much. I am always striving to loosen up my style and your paintings would be the kind of style i would aim for. I always end up putting in too much detail. However i suppose as long as we still enjoy what we're doing ! All the best.

Thank you Kate for your nice comments and encouragement. It is always a temptation to put too much detail in and I think it doesn't matter if you are a 'loose' painter, the trap is always there. To combat this I try to do a bit of the painting and then walk away, even until the next day, as the minute you go back to your easel you can tell if more is needed straight away. Sometimes, the painting that you thought wasn't finished turns out to be finished (if you see what I mean). I creep up on it and as the painting progresses, I go slower and slower, so that I can gauge when to stop on any part of the painting that I am doing. Doesn't always work, but gives me the best chance.

I missed that one, Thea (probably because of again another multiple posting). You are so good with everything you paint. And... you can draw!!! This can't be said about lots of "so to speak" artists!!! Thank you for your very, very kind comment on my Snow/2 painting, I do appreciate your opinion very much.

Thank you, Mia for your lovely comments. I have worked on my drawing and if fact I drew long before I got around to painting anything. However, I do draw the subject and then rub out over 50% of the lines to stop myself just 'painting between the lines'. I especially do this with portraits. I am still leaving too many lines in, but I have to pluck up more courage and get rid of them.

I can't believe its twelve months since I last commented on your pictures and you've produced some lovely watercolours in the meantime. I really like the composition and colours in this one - painted in your attractive vignette style. Well done!

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