Charles Darwin Statue in Shrewsbury - One liner

Charles Darwin Statue in Shrewsbury - One liner

As well as enjoying seeing such exciting one line drawings here, I'm fascinated to realise that although the artists who've tried it have have kept to the one line technique, they're all recognisable as being in their own individual style. I can spot immediately that this is yours. We all have our own way of drawing which comes through even though we're keeping to the one line and in your case, not even looking at the paper much. (I have to look at what I'm drawing but go at speed). This one is quite remarkable, I still can't get over how well they're working and how the enthusiasm shines through each one. Excellent, good colour washes as well, just enough!

Do you know - you're absolutely spot on about the individual's personal style shining through each of these one-liners. I hadn't though of that before now, but see it clearly now. Thank you for your very kind comment and all your interesting analysis - this method is certainly making us all think, isn't it! P.S. What did you think of dropping one or two boundary lines? I rather like the casual effect.

Louise is so right, you can tell who has done the one-liner instantly. This is so obviously yours Thea and you are getting better and better at it. It really suits your pen and wash style. Onwards and upwards!

Beautiful one liner Thea, and yes I can recognise your work and everybody else's too! Isn't that amazing! This must have been very hard to draw but what an outcome, so accurate. Dropping out lines is your choice and can of course add to the spontaneity. Well done Thea!!

The broken line does add to the spontaneous feel although when I first looked at Darwin I hadn't realised that you'd done this deliberately. Had the top of the plinth been a strong solid line, perhaps some of the movement would have been lost. Funnily enough, my lines left out accidently as happened when the table I drew ended up with just three legs!! It's the overall image that's so exciting.

Recognised your style straight away Thea, good drawing

Thank you very much Christine, Satu, Kim and Glennis for all the interesting and kind feedback. Louise, I left out line that seemed not to be clear when I squinted at the photo. It is amazing how much you can leave out and the eye will automatically fill it in. I just made a start with this by leaving out a couple of lines, but will see how far this one can go with some of the next ones. (Am hooked on doing these now and don't seem to have any desire to go back to 'proper' work!!)

I'm in a rush, but I thought excellent would cover it. I am not sure about the gaps, but that is purely a personal preference.

Looks very tricky but you've pulled it off with aplomb!

Thank you very much Gudrun and Debs - really kind of you. As for the gaps, Gudrun, well... you know me - I am never one to fill a piece of paper with paint and I leave gaps in just about everything I do, so it was probably inevitable that I found a way to do it with the one-liners, lol!

Another great one, I like the way you've left the statue unpainted

Posted by K 0 on Thu 06 Nov 14:41:20

Your missing lines work well here Thea and, like Kevin, I love the way you've left the statue unpainted.

I really like this one Thea; it has just the right amount of line work and colour & I especially like the sprinkling of colour on the legs.

Gosh, this is so accurate for a one liner Thea - you are really good at these.

Thank you Kevin, Val, Joseph and Frank - I always feel a bit guilty about accepting any praise for these one-liners, because so much of it beyond your control and your skill levels don't really come into it. Depending on the subject, you seem to be able to achieve a good level of accuracy, especially if you draw very slowly. It doesn't always work out like that - check out my recent one-liner portrait - more of a caricature I think!!

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What a tricky one liner this was!! So much detail and when I was drawing the leg resting on the other one, I thought I had got it coming out of his ear or something and I was amazed that, when I finally looked down, it seemed to be in the right place - how did that happen??! I did have to have a quick glance a few times, but only to be able to backtrack along an already drawn line to reach another part of the drawing. These are so much fun to do! P.S. I have moved the brief on a bit as I am now trying to drop and edge or two so as to add to the spontaneity. I left the lines out at the top of the statue base and on Charles's arm.

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