An Afternoon On Cromer Beach

An Afternoon On Cromer Beach

Architecturally (long word) very good Thea. Lovely pastel shades, a wonderful painting. I have just caught up with your other paintings of buildings, very good indeed.

You have done it again Thea, beautiful watercolour, the use of pen as well gives a lovely delicate outline to everything and then your excellent pale washes complete the scene, you always know when to stop, a great skill, just enough detail in the people on the beach, even the dog on a lead which would be unrecognisable if most of us did it but with you it just adds to the ambience, how long do these lovely scenes take you?

The result is really excellent, Thea, beautifully done with a lovely palette.

Thea getting better all the time, as Carole said "architecturally" spot on, the pen is lovely and light and the tonal contrast enhances it perfectly. Waiting for the next one.

Thank you very much Carole, Ros, Seok and Peter for your encouragement. It would seem though that I have been caught out by posting just before a prolific multiple poster. Very frustrating indeed.

Very nice Thea! Lovely light and shadows.

Thank you, Louise, for your continued support and nice comment.

Absolutely beautiful, Thea, and so accomplished. I simply love the pen and wash pictures that you produce. I wait for more.

Hi Thea, love all your galleries and the colours are all crisp and stand out unlike when I attempt watercolour!

Thank you very much Chris and Lionel for your generous comments. I am getting more and more interested in pen and wash, but will continue to do normal watercolours in between times. It's nice to have something new to challenge me and such lovely support makes it so much easier to try to progress.

lovely work, as always Thea. I don't know Cromer but it has the fresh airy feel of the English seaside town and grand architecture

Lovely work once again Thea, you have caught the atmosphere very well.

Thank you very much Jenny and Stephen for stopping by and leaving such nice comments. Jenny, Cromer is a very old world English seaside town - beach, excellent fish and chips, nice little cafes and interesting shops selling nautical things. We didn't use the beach much as we always had our dog with us and dogs are not allowed on the beach in front of the town. We did enjoy Mary Jane's though, which is supposed to be the best chippie on the Norfolk coast!

Hi Thea. I like it. You are certainly good at the architectural doodles !!

There is mot much more that I can add, except it's as I remember. Lovely painting - fresh and clean. ... I fancy some fish and chips now!

Wow. Need I say more? The comments above are all spot on.

Beautiful. Just love it. As you say "It's getting better all the time".

Thank you very much John, Gudrun, Pat and Avril for such generous comments. I really appreciate you taking a look and leaving some feedback - definitely is a big contribution towards me trying to move forward with this medium.

You have captured some beautiful light here, and I can almost smell the fresh air :)

Thank you so much, Lesley - that's a lovely thing to say and I appreciate it.

Lordy took me 5 pages before I got to this little gem! Bags of style and confidence in this one - excellent!

Thank you so much, Debs. Yes, paintings do seem to travel down the pages very quickly these days - the site gets bigger and bigger all the time. I am really enjoying pen and wash I have to say and had a good time doing this one.

Debs did better than me, took me to page 13 before I came across it LOL A lovely addition to your pen and wash gallery Thea, I really admire your talent for drawing buildings loosely but with such conviction if you get what I mean.

The site is so big now and with so many paintings posted in a day, it is no wonder that work moves swiftly down to pages. However, I am grateful that you had the perseverance to keep going until you came across my painting lol! Thank you for such valuable feedback. I don't feel my pen and wash is loose enough as yet, but hopefully it is coming. I think the pen bit inevitably ends up being quite defined and it is the wash bit that should be loose. Just having trouble getting the balance right!

I love this picturen,Thea. It is so intricate I don't know how you knew where to start. The interrelationships between the different parts are beautifully czrried out.

Thea Just the right amount of pen work. Lovely paining.

Thanks for your comments on my Autumn Bridge. Have had another look at your portfolios and really admire the ?Judy Whitton style aka this one. What do you think of your Charles Reid gallery. I find the other galleries fresher but that is purely a personal view. Happy painting in 2014

Thank you, Alan. I think I was influenced by Judi Whitton to start with and then Charles Reid, but i think I have evolved with a bit of each and a dollop of myself to arrive at the style I now paint in. I am sure that this will change as time goes on too. My Charles Reid gallery isn't my best work by a country mile. I have always found it difficult to produce anything worthwhile when on a course as my brain is on learning rather than on just relaxing and interpreting a subject as I would normally. I keep the gallery as a reminder of my time with Charles Reid (and it was marvellous, I can tell you!). Of the paintings I did on the course, the only one that I was pleased with was the portrait. I am on a mission to try and improve my pen and wash at the moment, so that is my challenge for 2014. Wish me luck!

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We used to have a holiday house on the North Norfolk coast and Cromer was a favourite place of ours. It has a wonderful skyline from the beach which I felt lent itself to be done in pen and wash. I still haven't achieved the result I can see in my mind's eye yet, but with each pen and wash I do, I learn a little bit more and hopefully I will get to where I want to be with this medium in the end. Done on Langton NOT 200lbs.

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