Walk in the Forest


A great tonal piece Thalia with wonderful light. I must admit I had to look up ebauche as I had never heard the term, but I know now!

Really love this, it looks like it has so much texture.

Rich in colour and beautifully applied paint Thalia.

Wow a Beauty. Lovely light tones and texture 🥰

Lovely work Thalia. I looked up ebauche too and I love ebauche work, just didn't know it was called that!

Love the way you have applied the paint and the quality of light you’ve achieved.

Lovely strongly painted work Thallia.

Works so well Thalia. Love the tonal values and the impasto effects Thalia.

A powerful painting, Thalia - great use of light and texture...

Extremely bold and beautifully painted.

This is great Thalia- I love all the texture and the way the light hits the trees

Lovely textures, the light bit of ground shows up the figures well Thalia

An ebauche is probably my most 'go to' method, Tessa, and yes, Carrie, it's over an old discarded painting, thanks for your comments! Thank you Shaun, Faye, Heather...it's so easy a method! Thanks, Janet, block it on after a thin start! Thanks, Stephen, Carole, Jan, Chris, Rachel, and Carole, your comments are very much appreciated.

Different for you Thalia, but very effective never the less.

Love the palette and light in this one.

This is terrific Thalia!

Thank you very much Jim, Diana, and Fiona, really appreciate your kind comments

Oh lovely, Thalia.

Thank you Shirley!

Impressive textures & tones.

Thank you so much, Stephen

Thank you so much, Linda and Val-Irene

Thank you Gudrun

Hang on Studio Wall

An ebauche painted over a red bole, great fun to paint. This was a demonstration during a recent workshop which I have alterred slightly, to place a little more emphasis on the people.

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