Xlendi Vista

Xlendi Vista

These boats scenes are lovely, Thalia. I imagine tourists buy the small ones as they are easier to transport home.

I agree with Seth. They'll have the added advantage of being great value for money, if you're selling them for fun. So, a lovely reminder, a gorgeous painting that is transportable, affordable AND original! No wonder they're selling like hot cakes. Well done, Thalia, well done indeed. Brian

Another lovely painting, Thalia, your a quality production line!

Super composition Thalia. You are certainly knocking um out!!

Thalia, That’s how selling goes. You have your big items and a lot of small things, post cards, greeting cards and the like. Inexpensive items visitor will buy because they like to take something away. People like to look through sketch books as well. Make sure you write on the cover please have a look. It all encourages interest, in how you go about your work. Wish you well with it all.

Well, Seth, that was a turn up for the books, Kidderminster Eh! Philip, hubby, was born in Rock, and we both lived in Worcestershire for many years!!! Thanks for the encouragement! Thank you Brian, Willie, and John, what super comments you all have put, so encouraging. I do indeed have a sketch book out, hadn't thought about putting an invitation on it to look through...thanks for mentioning it, John. I do have a huge notice saying paintings can be posted, as we've sent many abroad from our little gallery.

They're lovely Thalia... so colourful x

Beautiful painting and reflections, Thalia. Best wishes for your exhibition.

I can back up John's comments about showing sketch books , they are popular viewing and you can get plenty of feed back - just keep an eye on them though , and also be prepared to talk about them.

Thank you for your kind helpful comments, Rachel, Cesare and Mike. I have put out my sketch books and had great response!

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Yet more boats in Xlendi!!! but these tiny ones are selling at the exhibition! We have not sold many big paintings, but I'm selling the small ones each day!

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