Luzzu Xlendi Bay

Luzzu Xlendi Bay

Lovely painting, Thalia. The colours are fantastic.

You've made several paintings including these glorious old fishing boats. I think this is the best. Fantastic work.

Lovely painting again Thalia , very nice

You have done a beautiful job on this boat, for which I feel you have affection for Thalia. Super.

Super work an glorious colours Thalia. A noble craft indeed and a living memory of a bygone age. Nice work.

Beautiful Thalia!! Dreaming of warm summers!

It's fabulous Thalia, I've actually seen them (I think so anyway). Super painting in your great style.

Another corker Thalia. Good to have a record of objects that are becoming obsolete.

If i could i would only paint boats!!! Yes indeed you will see many pictures of this particular boat, known in our house as "341", I have sold literally dozens of pictures of her in different poses etc. Yes John, sentimental old fool that I am, one old boat of 100 years has fallen completely into disrepair I cry each time I see her. Twat that I am!!! Thank you Seth, Lewis, Dennis, John, Jim, Michelle, Alan and Carole, your comments are much appreciated and noted.

The boat is superbly painted and it has brightened up my day.

Lovely Thalia, takes me back to holidays in Malta and visits to Gozo where I saw many boats just like this.

Thank you Gudrun and Barry. Sadly now when I go to Mgarr Harbour to paint them, all I see is fibre glass plastc shells with no character or real builders' skill. Rant over...sorry!

Beautifully painted Thalia, I do love your bright colours!

Beautiful colours Thalia, lovely to see on another cold and miserable day.

Glorious colours. Lovely painting.

As always your bold co!ours are excellent.

Lovely colourful painting Thalia

Gorgeous glowing colour Thalia. Super painting!

This bright and beautiful painting of a fishing boat does cheer you up.

Beautiful boat Thalia : your affection for her shows in your painting.

The colours of the boat had me harking back to memories of Malta, where the boats were invariably that colour...lovely painting.

Love it :)

Hang on Studio Wall

This lovely fishing boat, called a luzzu in Malte, is a dying breed, one of the only true wooden luzzus left in Xlendi, she was built by her owner. He is one of the only fishermen left who does not have another job. I paint this boat in various guises. I think i could paint her in my sleep!!

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