Pecking Bethlehem

Pecking Bethlehem

This is a really tiny cropped study...5x3ins. Bethlehem is an area in Ghajnseilem in Gozo where an almost full sized village is created each Christmas, with live tableaux of shepherds, angels, the holy family in a stable. People come quite literally from all over the world to see it. The 'Kings' ride horses from Sicily or beyond, travelling on the ferries at Epiphany. The almost full scale village is left all year for visitors to see, with animals all over the place. A wonderful place to go and paint!

Vibrant and lively Thalia.

Sounds a beautiful place Thalia. I like the composition of this and the wonderful watercolour effects.

Just scrolling through the gallery and this stopped me in my tracks. I absolutely love it.

What a wonderful place to visit Thalia. Love those happy little hens.

Lovely Chickens and vibrant too!

Beautiful study, Thalia, well captured.

Such an interesting composition and as always, bright and vibrant in your work.

This sounds such a great place Thalia, it must be a treat to visit. Your chickens are great!

Thank you very much Michael, Carole, Diana, Carole, Angela, Cesare, Stephen, and Margaret, these are such kind comments! They were painted last year when our weather was normal! Freezing today and wet! We're having English weather!

Great movement Thalia !!

Nice picture despite its size. I love your use of colour.

Love the colours and composition Thalia. A very attractive subject.

Hang on Studio Wall

Plein air study of chickens in the sunshine...not today! It's pouring with really cold rain!

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