South Stack (miniature version)


Wow that’s small but superb Tessa!

Wow, so small and so good!

That is small. On my desktop PC it's about 6 x 8" and still looks good. I really like miniatures, it's great to see them actual size when you can. Lovely work.

Looks super in miniature Tessa.

Gosh many thanks all for such a speedy and positive response! Lew I was afraid that viewed larger it would be awful, so thanks for that. I have a larger project to paint a picture of someone’s house, but it’s too hot to start something like that, so may try more tiddlers!

A cracking 'miniature' Tessa.

And very idiosyncratic too, Tessa. I like it, it grabs the attention.

Many thanks Russell, Diana and Marjorie . Always good to hear from you.

Love your little miniature paintings Tessa, so much in such a small space!

Thank your Katy, it seemed a good idea in the recent heatwave not to tackle anything larger and more time consuming!this one was for my granddaughter but it triggered the others.

I like your bold style here Tessa, and an achievement to paint it on such a small scale!

Many thanks Hil and Thalia.

So good! I love this style of yours Tessa!

Hang on Studio Wall

I painted this in a larger version a few months ago from a photo taken by my granddaughter during a holiday to Anglesey. She asked if I could do a mini version to go in a scrapbook she was making, so this is approx 3”x 4” in gouache. Quite loose as I didn’t want it too precise, and a nice project for yesterday in the heat!

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