Life drawing sketches

Life drawing sketches

Nicely done, Sharon! Besides, that's one of my favorite themes.

Very well done Sharon for getting out into the life class, and a really encouraging start for you. The figure on the left is particularly well drawn.

Superb studies Sharon very sculptural

Nothing like a life drawing session to really make you look. These are great for a first attempt.

Excellent first go the left hand fiigure.

I have never been a fan of nude paintings, but I do like the way you have de-personalised these ones by leaving a lot of the detail out. It works as one concentrates on the sweeping lines and shapes rather than wondering who the person is. I also like the surprise element of your palette - why be conventional when you can give in to your wild side!

These are very interesting Sharon and so different from the usual life studies. I would be very pleased if they were mine.

Thank you all for your encouragement, helps no end to keep me going. You're so right Sylvia, it really makes you look at the subject, I was exhausted after the session ! Hope to continue after the summer break.

The media works well Sharon, good for you trying out life drawing.

I've yet to pluck up the courage to try this. You've done a fantastic first piece, Sharon, I love the sensitivity with which you have captured the poses, the delicate tints of color and the bold confident lines. I look forward to seeing more!

Life drawing is the best form of drawing/painting an artist can do and your first attempt is fantastic! Do more!

Hang on Studio Wall

Plucked up all my courage and went to a life drawing session for the first time. It turned out to be a great experience which I will repeat as often as I can. Extremely intense concentration, hopefully it will get less the more I do ! The results are very modest (the lady on the right looks like shes been exposed to radioactivity!) but a good bookmark from which to progress. I used Neocolor II watersoluble waxpastel to stop me from rubbing out, and then gave them a wash with clean water.

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