Challenge 3

Challenge 3

The darks look very good, I shall now have to try this colour combination!

Those colours work beautifully together Sharon and I love the composition!

Another success I think Sharon, I like the colours together and I also like the shade of the darks.

They're not exact complementaries, but they don't have to be - the nearer you get to complementaries, the more your colours vibrate against each other; Prussian Blue is a green-blue, Quinacridone Gold is an interesting colour - but it does tend towards orange, so you're pretty near - and you could play with different yellows or oranges, against this very powerful blue; or use pthalo blue instead, maybe... all sorts of variations possible. I think you HAVE got good darks here, too, plus a transparency which works well.

I agree with Robert, the colours work very well together - not tried working with Quinacridone Gold but it looks interesting as a colour. Love the glass vase and it's reflections.

Beautiful painting and colours, Sharon. Just one detail: it gives the impression of floating in the air. Shouldn't it be standing on something. Maybe just a line to show the separation between table and background?

Cheers everyone, thanks for taking the time to look and to comment. Hope I'm not boring you wiih my experiments. And thankyou Robert for the challenge and the good advice. I agree about Quinacridone Gold being a strange colour. When used with a lot of water it is very lemony and cold, and yet when used in a creamy consistency it is a warm orange. I have tried to use it with a warmer blue in my today's posting. You're right Mia, about it not being grounded properly. I was concentrating on the pigments more than the composition. Too much to think about at once !

Not at all. I really like this combination of colours and the contrasts are fine in my view. The sheen ion the vase is particulalry exciting.

Hang on Studio Wall

Today's attempt. Prussian blue and Quinacridone Gold. Not really complementary, the darks do not have enough depth. Lesson learned.

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