The mill at Damme (Belgium)

The mill at Damme (Belgium)

Oh where on earth have you got some Schut Noblesse from?? Seems in short supply in the UK but I would love to try some. Love your painting for it's loose expressiveness and your super treatment of the green elements.

Beautiful blended washes and reflections Sharon.

lovely windmill and buildings Sharon, lovely greens as well

Thanks for your input, really appreciated. I've mentioned the Schut Noblesse question in my comments on Thea's latest pen and wash posting ; if anyone else is interested, here is the info: I contacted my local supplier of Schut Noblesse, but he does not ship to the UK unfortunately. The Schut company told me that their distributor in the UK had gone bankrupt, and they had no replacement as yet - to be honest it sounded as if it was not high up on their list of priorities, and they themselves do not take orders from individuals. If you're ever in Holland or Belgium and you're still interested, get in touch and I'll give you the addresses of shops which have it.

Hi Sharon, interested to read your info on the watercolour paper. Is there a supplier anywhere near Kinrooi, Belgium or just over the border in Holland?

Sharon thank you so much for the information, I have taken a note of the details of the supplier. I asked if there was anywhere close to Kinrooi as my brother lives there and already sends me certain Flemish supplies that I love!! Lol. He also goes into Holland to shop there, as he is only five minutes walk from the border. Thanks again.

This is a really beautiful delicate picture.

I love the clarity of the light effect and the water with the reflections...has a calming feel...beautiful!

Hang on Studio Wall

Painted on Schut Noblesse 300 gsm from my own photograph. Damme is a few miles up the canal from Bruges.

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