A Practice at Alla prima painting.


Wow - beautiful fruit painting!

You set yourself some challenges Denise, I think you've made a good job here!

Oh Denise! You beat me to it! I set up blackberries and rasps in a glass with others around. Great minds think alike! I love your blackberries especially.

Well done Denise. Lovely fruit.

Beautiful painting Denise 🖼

Excellent painting Denise , the fruits are really good especially the blackberry’s and the pears have a love shine to them . You are very good at psi ting glass in theses still life paintings.

Well done, very well done.

Very edible work, Denise!! Love it!

Beautiful setup, love the delicate lines to the glass. Love the fruits too.

Marvellous composition & painting.

I think you've done really well Denise

A super still life Denise.

Nice job Denise. Welcome to the artists curse. We never see our work as others do, all I see in mine is paint and mistakes, but after a few weeks I allow myself a ,"Not bad" Lol.

Beautifully painted Denise, especially those juicy blackberries and the luscious pear. You should be happy with this as it’s very challenging to do such a variety of objects in a painting.

Love those blackberries.

Many thanks for your kind comments David, Sarah, Marjorie, Christine, Faye, Paul, Sylvia, Thalia, Carole, Stephen, Heather, David, Bryan, Carole and Ellen. Marjorie, you will do a stunning painting.

Beautifully painted, Denise!

You're fearless Denise, having a crack at everything with great results!

My favourites are the blackberries.

A great piece Denise - not my chosen subject matter but this works so well.

I like this a lot, specially it stand out with the dark background

Really well done they look good enough to eat

I really like it.

Hang on Studio Wall
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It was a challenge and I'm not happy at all with it. I think I tried to do to many things instead of concentrating on one thing. Still, I will try it again, fruit is always in abundance.

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