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Denise, don’t give up on watercolour, you’ve got some lovely overlaying of washes in your portrait. I like it!

Agree with Fiona, Denise, you’ve got some lovely layering of colours in this.

Thanks Fiona and Jenny, I love working with watercolour, it's the portraits I'm trying to learn to do. I know I need to practice for months and keep doing portraits until I get experience. I've just bought a good book to help me with proportion.

I agree it’s what’s been said already, you have done a really good painting for you first attempt with watercolour. You have a good basic understanding of what to do and know where you went wrong , keep at it and develop your skill. I would concentrate on one medium and get really good then move on to explore others.

You are doing it right and this composition again is good. You have an eye for it. We are a family of painters and both my daughters also teach art.

Thanks Dixie and Val-Irene, it must be great having a family of painters,I am jealous, I didn't know anyone who painted until I join this site. I'm learning much from the site.

This is not a painful painter. Your work is characterful, imaginative and interesting to the viewer Denise. Don't focus and worry too much on likeness as you may lose your personal creativity in the process.

Thanks for your kind comments Michael.

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I've been going through the community video's. I have just started sketching faces and I am very bad at it, that's why I am learning. I've been sketching faces for a couple of weeks and I came across the drippy art video. It gave me a bit of a feel for painting a face and how much I need to learn. I know it was very premature of me to try but it looked like so much fun. Back to practicing with the charcoal then.

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My name is, Denise. I started painting at the end of April during the Covid lockdown 2020. I’ve never painted before or had any experience of doing any art. I walked into a shop, bought some watercolours and have been trying to teach myself. I have pain conditions and had to retire early last year…

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