2nd Glazed Painting.

Apple and Tulip glaze 6 finished.

Lovely! Glazing always brings out the depth in a piece, this just hits the spot!

Love the rich depth and colours Denise.

Good one Denise, have been following your progress with this, lessons learnt with every painting I always think

Love the depth and vibrancy of the colours.

Well it’s not a bad effort Denise, some rather good glazing effects showing through. I think this was a mono base to start with, you may find you get better results by glazing over a coloured painting, just picking out selected areas.

Don’t lose heart Denise, you have the courage and determination to succeed. I can’t do glazing and wouldn’t attempt it, so bravo.

Beautifully colours Denise and beautifully painted. You are far braver than me attempting these paintings.

Lovely rich colours Denise

Love the rich colours Denise. You're really forging ahead with your painting.

Thanks so much for all your generous comment's, very much appreciated.

Hang on Studio Wall

Not very happy with this, it was kind of going wrong but I think I managed to pull it back a bit. 6 glazes went on. If anything, the practice is all good. It will help me gain a little experience as I continue with them.

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