Page 19-Growing Up Project-mixed media.

Page 19-Growing Up Project-mixed media.

This is all getting a bit wordy...just text and talking heads. It might have been better as a page of text and one illustration. But I decided to stick to this layout. Sorry about that.

Very interesting to see how your life panned out with your excellent drawings. My art education started when I went to work.

Great work Lewis. I enjoy your stories. Not too wordy I think.

Not too wordy at all Lewis, very very interesting and brings back so many memories.

It works fine , Lewis , - our O levels were the end of the 5th year - I think we had the pleasure of being the first set of students to take this particular set of exams. After this , one either left and started work (which I did as a tannery cadet) or continued through 6th form and took A levels with "Uni" beckoning afterwards. Can remember a few of those school teachers looking like your "head " - including the odd lady teacher at the junior school - she had one of the hardest right clips to the face it was my misfortune to receive - just for asking a question !! I can still remember her name !!!

Thanks for your great feedback everybody. You might be right about the 6th form, Mike, I can remember some things clearly, others are a bit fuzzy. I know we had our 'O' levels when I was that's after January, 1956. When we came back from holidays I think we 'became' the 6th form...but I didn't stay long. The one thing I DO remember is how uncertain I felt about staying or leaving.

Enjoyed your story and the art. I had the chance to go to art college but ended up doing a 'proper course' in shorthand and typewriting which I always hated. Hadn't thought of teaching art as was never given good advice in those days - very confusing.

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More about the exams and immediately after. I think getting the opportunity to go to Art College threw me. I came from an ordinary working class family, and was just expecting to go get an ordinary job and earn some money. The Art school thing threw open a door I wasn't expecting, I had no clue what to do. Dad was great about it, he said you go, but like me he had no idea about careers in art. In fact the art teacher gave solid, realistic advice...if a little on the downside. I remember what a relief it was when I decided not to go the art college, and just find myself a job.

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