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Good morning , Lewis , Fred has obviously got the best of both worlds there - could do with him here right now if he can spare a couple of days. Enjoying your/his progress , keep the smiles coming. All the best.

Once again a great story line and superb art work, Lew you are a master of the pen,

But is he really a plummeur!? No doubt we will find out... Super page Lew. Keep them coming.

Thank you for the latest, instalment Lewis. What talent and imagination you have in bucketfuls.

Just wonderful Lewis, your humour, your drawing skills and the fact that you seem to be doing one a day, amazing!

Good for Fred, landed on his feet today!

Thanks to everybody for your generous comments. I was surprised by that Heather...I guess it's because I've even more time on my hands now. Also these are fairly simple...I work on several panels on each I can jump from one to the other while they dry.

"Get a trade lad, will never you down". Great storyline for Fred.

Great art work and a the story line is going really well!! Brightening my day again, Lewis, huge THANK YOU!

Great story, great humour, great talent !

Thank you Stephen, Thalia and Richard.

Magnifique Lewis! As usual. Looking forward to the next instalment.

I’ve said this before, probably on more than one occasion, you’re a genius Lew!

Hang on Studio Wall
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Surprised to get this done, I thought I had plenty of time for drawing before this crisis, now...even more. I must try something different today.

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