Isla oil sketch

isla oil sketch

Very nicely blended skin tones Heather in contrast with the loose brush strokes of the hair and coat makes it very appealing. Which three colours did you use?

Beautiful skin tones Heather and love the brushmarks!

Thanks for the lovely comments. I used Titanium White, Raw Umber and Persian Indian Red

Rather lovely Heather! I know it’s only a sketch but it would stand alone as a loose painting.

Beautiful, full of charm and life.

A fabulous painting in 'it's own right' Heather. Look forward to seeing the 'final' portrait

Beautifully painted Heather. This has such panache.

So lovely Heather, beautiful.

Super pose Heather, damn good oil sketch!

Lovely skin tones, and lovely eyes,Heather. Look forward to seeing the portrait!

I love it as it is - a beautiful sketch, Heather.

Superb, Heather...and this is a sketch??? it stands well on its own merit...simply gorgeous!

A lovely warmth in her expression. I look forward to seeing the " proper" portrait.

I think this is just wonderful, you have painted it with skilful brush strokes yet so freely sometimes a sketch like this can be better than an all out portrait, beautiful! 🥰

I like the loose style and the clarity in the eyes. Well done Heather

Great tones and the eyes are really alive.

you've certainly captured the young girl's freshness here.

Lovely sketch -great to see such detail of the canvas surface and brush strokes

Really good, I can't do portraits to save my life

All you portraits are very good. I have tried but not with very good result, Love this one,less is more and is beautiful

That inspired me to paint self portrait. Thank you Heather :)

The eyes ….!

Excellent! Another super portrait

I love the palette you have used. I may try those myself for my next portrait.

Nice composition and has captured the mood of the subject very well

Wow Heather this is just stunning, love the contrast of the careful and rough brush strokes.

This is a lovely portrait Heather. Your interpretation of her soft ,smooth skin against the rough , broad, loose brushstrokes around her is such a unique style.

Stunning Heather really beautiful

I love this Heather. You've captured really good facial expression and character.

This is great - it portrays lots o f personality.

Love your detail, very touching.

Wow! Beautiful work Heather. This is so good.

Lovely - so impish and full of spirit.

Full of life and spirit

All your people's (and dog's) faces, have well seen character, even though I am not familiar with them. But this portrait I love most.

Posted by Leo Ge on Fri 24 Jul 14:30:34

Wonderfull sketch Heather.

interesting- I would even live it as it is 👍

Lovely skin tones Heather and her features and expression is certainly set in place, well done! Yes, its best to start with one pigment to obtain luminosity and then one can add more pigments for the complexion.

Hang on Studio Wall

A3 oil. This is a 1 hour oil sketch prep for a proper portrait. I wanted to try and get a child's luminosity and the right skin tones in a loose fresh style from a simple 3 colour palette. Stopped before I got more detailed! Shall now do the proper portrait and get a better likeness.

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