Man Flu

jonathan oil2

For a beginner this is a super portrait. Am envious of people who excel at portraits.

Very well paintend Heather.

Truly excellent work skin tones and hair are totally believable .

Fabulous portrait Heather

Superb work.

Great skill with the facial features and hair. Very well done.

Really well done, super tones.

This is, as usual with your portraits, suberb, Heather. Hope you continue with oils! The thinning hair is masterful, as are the skin tones!

Super skin and hair, and that expression fits the title to a T!

Another stunner Heather.

Thanks everyone, it's always lovely to have such positive feedback

Thia is a successful first attempt at oil portrait, Heather. I like the skin tones.

Very skilfully painted Heather.

I love this! Amazing work Heather!

This is brilliant, I really admire portraitists.

Hard to believe this is your first oil portrait Heather! This is very very good.

Love the glazed expression, looks slightly sorry for himself.

A very beautiful portrait ! Bravo !

This is wonderful! I admire the way you’ve captured the light in his eyes, and his wariness.

Heather Love, I love this portrait painting. This is an outstanding work for a beginner.

Very thoughtful and well executed painting. Very nice.

Great expression - communicates that 'under the weather' feeling superbly.

Super portrait Heather

Wonderful portrait Heather. You are very talented

Lovely portrait! Skin tones are great and love the eyes 🤗

Really well painted Heather - the hair and eyes in particular.

Just thinking about trying portraits. This is superb!

This is fabulous Heather. Skin tones are really challenging but you've cracked it, and his expression is marvellous. More

Sorry, I posted mid-sentence. I was going to say, I look forward to seeing more portraits in both acrylics and oils.

So love the hair and texture - plus the expression. Really difficult composition well mastered xxxxx

Wow! This is amazing! I can't believe you're a beginner at this. Very impressive.

This is great Heather.


Amazing .it's excellent. Very good

Hang on Studio Wall

A3 Oil. My first attempt at using oil for portraits rather than acrylic. A whole new ball game! Apologies for the title but I gave it this before the dread coronavirus and I felt it perfectly summed up how he was feeling late last year.

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I started to paint 3.5 years ago. I use acrylics and mainly canvas on board and most of my portraits are 38 cms x 60 cms or thereabouts. Am still very much a beginner but really enjoying the process and learning every step of the way! I go to art class once a week which is great. I find…

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