Glasshouse produce

Glasshouse produce

Don't like the paper but it's only for scribbles like this, the utility drainer doesn't set them off too well.

Very different for you Fiona, it has an impressionist feel about it, interestingly nice.

Nothing like a tomato picked from the greenhouse and warmed by the sun, they actually taste like tomatoes! Good one Fiona, I certainly wouldn't call it a scribble.

Now this is you at your best F, direct, positive and with vitality, and just look at those colours.

Love the strong colours Fiona, and the bold ink work.

Great colour on the toms.

Beautiful runs of colours Fiona, fab.

It seems to have worked out very well Fiona. I love the strong use of colours.

This is beautiful: full of spontaneity with strong colours and pen work.

love your style more free and fluid Fiona the paper works and there is harmony of a limited colour range lovely also nicely drawn.

Just a little thing like using the wrong paper can free you up and you end up with a loose, spontaneous, colourful watercolour just like this. Now if it had been the right paper you would be more careful with every brush mark etc ..... Long live wrong orders Fiona! I'm the same with expensive sheets of paper, I dare'nt make a mistake on it and so I tighten up and don't enjoy the act of painting so much.

Thank you all very much for your encouraging comments, you are very kind. Sarah I know what you mean about expensive paper and freezing! The paper I usually use for ink work is cheap paper, I use Jacksons own brand but usually the rough, I like the texture. And as you say, you can forget about spoiling a good piece. This one, which is the 'not', I found the water and paint runs well. I've got two blocks to wade through, so there will be plenty more of these scribbles! Lol

Nicely done Fiona, its great to have home grown anything.

Yes it's good has a fresh and immediate and spontaneous feel to it very nice Fiona..

In spite of the wrong paper, or maybe thanks to it, your painting works very well, Fiona.

Love the rich colours Fiona. Really good :)

Well I disagree with you. It's not just a scribble. It a gorgeous painting. ... I need to get some more printing paper ...

Those tomatoes reflecting on the blue surface is very catchy. I also love the grid marks you did with the ink.

Posted on Wed 26 Jul 17:05:01

Terrific Fiona, I love this new style!

Margaret, Dennis, Cesare, Dennis, Louise, Gudrun, Tao and Satu thank you! You give me such confidence by giving me your support.

Oh I really love this Fiona ..everything about it appeals to me

Thank you very much Diana, the photo has turned out a little on the dark side actually...just noticed!

Great stuff Fiona.

Thank you George, appreciate your comment.

Lovely colours Fiona,

Thank you David x

Hang on Studio Wall

12x9 watercolour and ink. I ordered the wrong paper.....I got 'not' instead of 'rough' , so this was a quick try out......

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