I think this is perfect, it doesn't seem overworked at all it's still quite translucent. Lovely.

This is wonderful, Fiona, that's not at all overworked, it is fresh as always.

Not overworked - just right!

Yes, it's nailed Fiona and how welly ou do these subjects,

I was afraid of going on to the muddy side Ellen, thank you. Cesare, thanks very much. Thanks Linda, appreciated. Thank you very much Derek and Dennis for your generous comments.

Absolutely wonderful, Fiona, and not a bit overworked.

Doesn't look overworked at all, Fiona - lovely mix of colours.

Nice reflections

Who cares where it is - its great Fiona

Very nice Fiona. You get the water reflections perfect. Nothing missing but I'm surprised you don't add a bird here and there to some of your paintings.

think it is lovely Fiona and as others have said not a bit overworked

Heather, Jenny, Peter, Michael, Mick thank you all very much, appreciate you taking the time to look. Mick, I do often think about adding the odd bird but as I usually put a few flicks here and there, I didn't think anyone would notice whether they were birds or not. Thanks again

I do not think is overworked Fiona. I think pastels have a bit of an influence for good. That gap give the piece a nice sense of depth.

Not overworked at all, Fiona. Perfectly executed, loose pen and wash, I like it!

David, John, Mia....many thanks for your lovely comments. John, I think you may be right about the pastel influence.

Lovely watercolour Fiona. The transparency of the water is marvellous!

Wherever this is it looks great a lovely painted scene.

Stunning piece Fiona. Lovely composition.

Very effective, doesn't seem overworked to me.

Satu, Andre, Henry, Keith......thank you ever so much!

It might be near Louth, the Twisters near Raithby?? Gorgeous pen and wash wherever!

Good reflections in this Fiona and a lovely palette, not overworked at all.

Gudrun is 'Twisters' motorbike speak? I didn't know you were a biker....I know them well and Bardney bends, great fun! I honestly couldn't tell you where it is. Thanks very much. Thank you Val!

Love the water with lovely reflections Fiona, nice scene!

Thanks Carole!

I love the energy of your linework and washes, Fiona. Superb, as usual!

Thank you very much Seok.

Hang on Studio Wall

Pen & watercolour on Jacksons rough paper Old Holland paints. From a photo taken years ago, I know it's Lincolnshire. As I was putting the paint on and putting the paint on, I thought, this is overworked but could I stop?

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