Preparatory Sketches for Abstract Painting.....(22)


Looks a good start Fiona - look forward to seeing the painting in due course.

I love your abstract work and can’t wait to see the finished piece.

Thank you Margaret. Jacqueline thanks very much.....hope you won’t be disappointed, it looks nothing like these!

Great idea, very interesting. Like your sketches Fiona and I too look forward to seeing the painting : )

Interesting, I like geometric abstracts, I look forward to the finished painting.

Love the geometric shapes Fiona.

Can't wait to see them, they look very interesting.

You do some very interesting work at your art classes, Fiona. Look forward to seeing the finished painting.

Really interesting drawings Fiona, good understanding of tonal balance and design in these mono versions. (or was it pure luck!)

Many thanks for your interest and feedback...Diane, Lewis, Carole, Denise, Jenny, Alan and Gudrun. We do Jenny, our tutor is very inspirational, so much knowledge not only about the practice of art but as a historian as well....fascinating to listen to. Alan, each stroke of my pencil was a considered stroke.....and if you believe

Interesting preparatory draft sketches Fiona , I do like geometric abstraction in abstract pieces, looking forward to the finished work in due course .

Looks interesting Fiona, likewise looking forward to the finished piece.

Graham and Katy, thank you for your feedback, appreciate you taking an interest in my doodles.

Great drawing skills Fiona - impressive!

Many thanks Shaun.

Your versatility knows no bounds, Fiona! I love your excellent use of varied shapes and angles. Can't wait to see the painting!

Hang on Studio Wall

The last art term seems like years ago, but, we covered the subject of abstract and abstraction. One of the still life arrangements was made up of easels, picture frames, stools, small tables etc. We had to choose a section or the whole to work down from initial sketches to a finished painting, or two, depending on how quick you took to the idea of abstract. These are two of my initial sketches, I’ll post my finished painting in the next couple of days. They are a bit scruffy I’m afraid.

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