Path from Home farm

Path from Home farm

Really nice effects with the pallette on this one Fiona, especially the sky and background trees. The mix of colours in the foreground gives that feeling of earth and new green, great trees as always, nice one.

I love the fresh and spontaneous style here. Beautiful depth and lovely palette. Makes you want to walk down there Diana

This is lovely Fiona, especially like the warm colours on the path contrasting with the bluebells.

I like the random "free style" of this painting, Fiona. Gentle and inviting

Lovely Fiona looks like a Wesson , nice painting Fiona

This is lovely Fiona. Yes that sky does look very threatening. I live right on the Northeast coast next to the Cleveland Hills and the weather changes very rapidly here too.

You've caught a luminous light in the sky Fiona. Lovely scene.

I also like the palette very much, a lovely watercolour in your well honed style, a pleasure to see work like this from you Fiona.

Thank you Malcolm, I didn't think I had managed to get that fresh new green look but it was there, just as you describe. Diana, Jenny, Pat, Dennis...thanks very much! Dennis, a 'Wesson', I wish!!lol Thanks Adele, Scotland, the only place you can get frostbite and sunburn on the same day!!lol Many thanks Sarah and Michael for your kind comments.

As usual beautiful Fiona.

Thank you very much Alan, I see you have some spare time on your Many thanks once again Jenny.

I like this scene and your trees are lovely

Wonderful Fiona great stuff

Yes another great watercolour Fiona

Lovely gentle watercolour Fiona, has quite an old fashioned, nostalgic feel.

Another lovely painting, Fiona, in your amiable style.

Many thanks Jenny, Dennis, Michael, Stephen and Cesare for you encouraging comments.

Lovely Fiona!

Beautiful Fiona, love the bluebells, always lovely trees!

Thanks very much Tanusree, Carole!

This is excellent Fiona and am glad you didn't go overboard with the bluebells.

This has such a wonderfully light and ethereal atmosphere, and the washes are beautifully luminescent and clean. Splendid work, Fiona!

superb work Fiona sorry no comments recently due to holiday

Thanks Derek, I thought an occasional stroke of dry brush would do it. Many thanks was very damp and cold! David, thanks very much......with regard to my postings, you haven't missed very Hope you had a lovely time and had the opportunity to do some painting.

Lovely watercolour Fiona , that atmosphere is excellent

Thank you very much Dermot.

Hang on Studio Wall

14" x 10" watercolour on Arches, old Holland paints. After my very rapid tree sketch (last posting) I managed to get the first washes of this one done before the next hail storm came through....which you can see in the sky. After it passed the sun came out and you wouldn't believe it was the same day. On the path the first of the bluebells were reluctantly coming in to flower.

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