Abandoned (project)

Abandoned (project)

Carry on Fiona, but it's looking good now anyway.

A great addition to your project Fiona!

Looking good, old triumph herald well drawn, some nice marks and just waiting for colour.

Lovely sketch Fiona.

Lovely pen work, Fiona.

Yes, do keep it to just the one colour Fiona, I am quite impressed with this sketch as it stands so please not a blue sky... These things are highly collectable as I'm sure you will know, what a pity to be rotting away. I had the Vitesse in my early years, these were the cream of the Triumph's at the time. (which is why I bought one), no surprises there then!.

Just like the freedom of these drawings, great.

Great subject Fiona. There must be some greens in there somewhere.

This really is an eye catcher, Fiona. Great pen work and I love the use of just one 'colour'.

What a lovely little sketch Fiona.

Lovely composition Fiona

Great sketch, Fiona - love the tree...

Thank you so much everyone for your continued support and encouragement, it means a lot. I couldn’t resist painting it, I like old cars very much and thought it a shame that this one is left out in all weathers to rot. It’s becoming obvious that all the subjects I’m choosing to sketch/paint etc for this project have all seen better days. There’s just something appealing about crumbling masonry, peeling paint and the general unloved element of subjects. Perhaps they have their own atmosphere and stories to tell? Thanks again

Looks really good Fiona.

Thanks very much Margaret.

Metallic garden Fiona. You have got that car real good.

Nearly missed this one again Fiona, they go off the page so quick, I love it with the black and white tones, it really makes a statement and bark on the tree really stands out 😁

Thanks very much John, I think I did the back wheel too small...I could always say it’s got a flat tyre! I know what you mean Linda, you can spend hours. Trying to catch up if you’ve missed a day or two. Thanks for trawling, your comments are always appreciated.

Thanks again Gudrun.

Hang on Studio Wall

Ink and gouache. Adding a bit of colour now, just the one though, I didn’t want to go mad too soon! This is the bottom of someone’s garden just off Southfield lane where I’ve now done quite a few sketches.

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