:)) I think I’ll stay well clear if I see him Fiona.. looks like he’d happily have my hand off.. lovely sketch, very clever 👍🏻

Lovely and sketchy, have you looked up on the roof tiles, think he might be hiding there with the gargoyles 😱😱😱

Goodness Fiona -I burst out laughing when I saw this!!! Hope he hasn't travelled south - my cat would be terrified if he came face to face with Macbeth.

Haha, Fiona. He looks manic.

Good decision Rachel. Linda I saw the sheep running across the next field, so I may have an idea were he’s got to! He’s always hungry Dennis......the postman leaves my mail at the end of the lane! I hope not Carol...he’ll be late for work! Glad it made you giggle. Thanks all!

Looks very scary but not too difficult to find.

Very good sketch and funny.Am glad you live in Scotland ... :)

That's some fearsome looking moggy Fiona, don't think I'll be venturing out tonight with Macbeth on the loose :)

Great sketch Fiona, and love the description. I certainly wouldn't be feeding him!

This is vile and quite frightening... the cat, not your photo! Super stuff Fiona.

That’s an understatement Dawn.....he has ASBO’s. Someone will snitch on him Carole! Lol.....Annick, he has relatives south of the border.....take care...Oooooooohhhhhh! Don’t worry Val, I hope to have him strapped to the broomstick within the hour. Sandra not without steel gauntlets and a strong stomach! Alan I’m very pleased you could note the difference between us.....lol Many thanks everyone .....sleep tight!

Lovely work love those scribbles make this pussycat look VERY evil Fiona 🙀

Sorry Fiona, I didn't see Macbeth. Too busy watching out for those pesky lamp posts!

Satu, Carole, Louise.....he’s been warned, any more of his shenanigans and he’s off to where naughty pussycats go! Glad you managed to miss the lamp posts Louise....lol.

Hang on Studio Wall

Ink sketch. My wee moggy Macbeth is missing, I need to find him before midnight......he’s working! He only works one night a year and he’s slopped off. If you happen to spot him, whatever you do don’t feed him......unless you have a supply off cute little puppies or a small child or two.

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