David’s Challenge

David’s Challenge

I like the depth and distance which you have managed to create with those brush strokes or rather reed pen strokes..

works very well Fiona its like that at the moment in Birmingham , I don't like it in reak life lol great painting

Fiona that’s awesome!


That works very well

Posted by T H on Sat 03 Mar 14:44:16

This is actually lovely Fiona..a good result! Mine's a bit too minimal I think..lol

Wow...that's excellent, Fiona. About 5 minutes? Astonishing.

Those sledges work so well, and the sky is gorgeous.

Wow Fiona, that is fantastic!

Love that blue - but what was David's Challenge? I must have missed that!

Posted by Emma P on Sat 03 Mar 15:35:41

Great stuff Fiona. I love the sky. Thanks for the lovely comment all your support is much appreciated.

It looks very good, Love the different shades of blue and the reed pen effects.

A very pleasing and expressive piece Fiona. I just love these reed pens and so glad that you've given them a go.

Very effective, Fiona, I didn't realise you could achieve such lovely colours with blue Quink! - and reed pens produce a lovely variety of marks.

Many thanks to you all for taking the time to comment, I always appreciate it. Emma, David set the challenge on the forum.

Very impressionistic and like the blue!

Maximum impact ... minimalist? No way!

Love it fantastic colours 😃

Lovely effects, I know what to do with my blue ink now, that is superb.

Thank you once again for your lovey comments everyone. I nearly put it in the bin because it was so messy.

Brilliant piece Fiona. Why do we need brushes?

Great! Simple, but it says it all!

This is brilliant, love it.

Wonderful sketch Fiona, nice change to have the blues.

Lovely and lively Fiona, great marks in 5mins!

I LOVE this!

Posted by C P on Sat 03 Mar 19:32:58

Very brilliant painting, Fiona.

Wow,, this is awesome Fiona. Can't believe you have said so much with one colour. So much energy. Have you worked like is before? Please will you do more!!

A lot of action here Fiona....some lovely relaxed strokes....

I too don't know what the challenge was but you must have lived up to it. I love this!

Posted on Sun 04 Mar 08:18:11

Wow Fiona's, I think you have definitely won this challenge, this is fabulous😀

Blimey, thank you.....you are such a generous lot X Georgina I’ve done a few.

Hang on Studio Wall

12”x9” blue Quink ink on watercolour paper, followed Alan’s example and cut myself a reed pen. Not very minimalist but it only took me 5 minutes or so to do, it’s more splodges and squiggles. We haven’t really had any snow only on the hills, which are hidden under a heavy sky at the moment. I can only see the bottoms of the hills which do have snow!

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