Shows your expertise very well Fiona.

Fine expressive work Fiona, with minimum of fuss. Your darks are just enough to give body to the piece. Very clever !

I love this atmospheric wet wash - effectively loose Fiona

I like the reflections of the sky in the water Fiona, another lovely expressive piece.

Your landscapes are always so fresh looking and the light you manage to capture is incredible, really good work Fiona.

Your watercolours are so fresh and beautiful, love it.

This is fabulous, Fiona! I love the way those sloshy washes come together so beautifully. Brimming with spontaneity, atmosphere and light. Superb work!

So good Fiona, structure but with complete softness, definition without definition, love it. Really like the sky and there are just enough darks to give that balance and anchor the whole scene, love the dark foreground tree, I think that is really good, nice one Fiona.

Love this pinky/brown with the blue you use Fiona. Oops just look at what you said and you have given us the colours thanks Fiona. A great painting with lovely striking contrasts.

Oh I LOVE your watercolour landscapes Fiona admirable beauty you achieve

Lovely fresh work Fiona, nice lively sky.

A lovely loose fresh watercolour, I would be over the moon to produce something like this!

Beautiful Landscapes you do Fiona, the colours are amazing :)

Here&#39;s why you&#39;re a watercolourist by temperament, and I&#39;m not - you don&#39;t slave away to get nearer and nearer to the actuality: you use calligraphic marks and I believe there&#39;s a fence there, for example: you don&#39;t need to show every knot in the barbed wire (or even the wire) - and you don&#39;t, whereas I would probably try to (and fail). I need to model my watercolours on yours, they&#39;d be a damn&#39; sight better if I did.<br /><br />I see you&#39;re still using those excellent Old Holland colours: remind me what paper you use, I do like its texture....

Lovely watercolour Fiona.

Thank you all so much for your incredibly kind comments. It&#39;s so encouraging to receive such positive feedback from you.<br /><br />Robert I like your little joke.....you would be much wiser to stick to your own successful watercolour style, of which I could only dream to achieve your standard.<br />Yes, I still use Old Holland watercolours and oils now I&#39;m trying that medium. The paper, which I use for a sketch like this is only Jackson&#39;s own brand, rough. It isn&#39;t brilliant like the Arches I usually use but it&#39;s adequate for this kind of thing......and very affordable if you do a lot of sketch and throw away stuff, as in my case. Thank you.

Lovely light fresh touch Fiona.

Something so appealing about this painting. I could look at it for a long time <br />Diana

Lovely fresh and limpid watercolour Fiona I like it .

Beatrice, Helen, Dennis, Diana many thanks for your lovely comments, much appreciated.

So expressive with some great mark making

Thank you Michael, very much.

There&#39;s a nice looseness about the technique in this one Fiona and skeletal trees draw the eye. Nice one. Steve<br />

Wonderful glowing painting - so simple, but then again detailed and interesting. I am enjoying seeing all the subtle brush strokes and marks which define each feature - just hinted at and never over-worked. P.S. I never use Light Red - don&#39;t know why - but I notice a lot of people use it and like it. Must dig some out and see what I can do with it.

Thank you Stevan, your comment is most welcome, I&#39;m an admirer of your painting style.<br /><br />Thank you Thea, I wish everything I did turned out this way, that&#39;s the thing about watercolour I suppose...it&#39;s a lottery!!lol. Not sure if light red would excite you Thea, it&#39;s a more earthy hue I find but give it a try you never know.

This is a great painting! Very reduced, but right on the point. Love it!

Thanks very much Gudrun, Christof..... appreciate your comments.

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Watercolour 12" X 9" U. Marine, L. red, B. umber.

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