Muddy Lane

Muddy Lane

Wonderfully strong trees and the swath of blue on the track leads your eye into the painting. Super pen and wash - love the way you use this medium.

Lovely work Fiona, I can remember when you struggled with trees, no hint of struggling now!

Good colour Fiona and confident drawing.

This is fantastic. Strong image, boldy executed, lovely composition.

This is a real gem - boldly executed and right up my path - no pun intended.

No more to add - just admiration, so balanced and harmonious.

Thank you very much everyone. Always appreciate that you put up with, never mind comment on, my messy pictures.

Lovely colours, there are plenty of these puddles in Gloucestershire, but yours look so much better.

Another excellent piece, Fiona! Simple yet dynamic, full of atmosphere and life.

I agree with all the previous positive comments.

Great pen and colour painting, love the contrasts Fiona.

I saw this earlier, without the chance to comment. It stood out in the gallery, because it is outstanding.

Once again, many thanks for your lovely comments and encouragement.

I think all have said what I can say. Excellent work.

Thanks Gudrun......are you still having trouble getting your name fixed?

Lots of muddy walks around here Fiona but your painting makes mud look positively attractive. I love your bold use of the ink and your strategically placed splodges ( I presume that's a technical term).

Yes Val a technical Thaks again for taking the time to comment.

Just my type of painting. love it.

Thank you very much Dawn.

Hang on Studio Wall

A mix of watercolour, non-waterproof and waterproof Indian ink. The main drawing was done in non-waterproof ink with a few splodges here and there. I then washed in the colour to merge with the ink, when dry I highlighted areas with waterproof ink. Jackson's rough paper, Indian ink and old Holland paints U. marine, B.umber and R.sienna.

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