Beatrice Cloake, N.A.P.A


My work is made of emotions. I only paint what appeals to me and move my senses. Probably this is the reason why I feel the need to paint so many different subjects. My passion is to play with sunshine and light falling on objects, flowers, sceneries. I very often stumble on a moment of sheer magic that I want to interpret and share with the world....the smile of a child, a beautiful Summer day, a beam of sunshine coming through the curtains, so many simple things that lift my heart. I was brought up among colours. They have become my obsession. Member of the National Acrylic Painters Association (NAPA) Designers and Artists Copyright Society Associate Member of Americain Watercolour Society Listed in Who's Who in Art. I have had exhibitions, Solo and mixed. Some with the National Acrylic Painters Association across UK.