I like it waste not want not, lots of lovely colours Fiona, looks like you had a lot of fun with this 😀

Do I detect a hint of BOATS Fiona??!! Very colourful image -is there no end to your talent? I like it.

Great image and good use of the paper Fiona! It is so lively!

Thank you very much Linda, Carol, Dennis and Carole. I think if I had thought a bit harder about what I was going to do, it wouldn’t have turned out so naive looking.

Looks like the boats moored up in a hurry, the crew probably needed the .......................? (I said I wouldn't mention them!) A nice colourful pastel sketch.

Lovely, fun and colourful....do not chuck it on the fire .

You and your boats Fiona! Nice, cheery piece with some gorgeous colours.

It's got some life to it. Good job.

I really admire the variety of media you use which leads to variation in style and techniques. Each time I look at your work, I think that I must use my , pens, pastels, inks , pencils, charcoal etc. I love your versatility

Quikie but nice, I like your choice of colours ,Fiona, and subject...

It's a great image Fiona.

Lovely colours against the dark background.

Many thanks everyone for your kind and encouraging comments, I really appreciate you taking the time.

Great fresh approach, fiona

Well this eyecatcher is different. Very interesting to see and well done for 'stretching' yourself (not literally..lol) and trying something completely different. I do like it for its colour and bold mark making.

A great image from something that would have been thrown away. The bold colours work well on the black background.

Posted by K 0 on Mon 12 Feb 14:59:47

Linda, Louise, Kevin, Gudrun, thanks very much for your feedback.

Love the palette and textures. I think it's a keeper, Fiona!

Great work, Fiona! Love this bold lines and colors! A lovely mess!

Lol..thank you again!

Hang on Studio Wall

Pastel. Not one to waste anything, this piece of black card was the protective cover on a new watercolour block I opened yesterday. Normally it goes on the fire, not saying that this isn’t were it will end up ultimately! Made up image.

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