Contemplation.....enemies or companions?

Contemplation.....enemies or companions?

This I find exciting. I love everything about bit. Challenge more than met.

Thank you very much Gudrun. It’s based on my earlier posting of the Ash tree covered in Ivy, Alan Benton suggested it would be interesting to have a chap smoking his pipe contemplating my question of whether the Ivy and Ash are enemies or companions. Brief met but I could have done better!

Lots to like here, Fiona. The wall, fence and incline are just great, and the gent is standing exactly where I would've stood. It tells a story but leaves enough for the viewer to add their bit. Lovely work. Bri

Good sketch Fiona, I like your two colours and interesting lines.

Don't know what the challenge was but I love your marks, terrific!

Well combined colours and careful detail has paid off Fiona. That little smoker likes it too because he’s paused his walk to contemplate the scene.

An unusual choice of medium Fiona??

Like this and the colour combo and drawing very good.

I didn't think I'd challenged you Fiona, different Alan. Not a problem with the figure, just keep scribbling away to get your confidence up. Spurred me on to get a few reed pens cut, just selected a couple of stems from the huge batch you sent me! I simply adore using them, messy, blobs splattered everywhere and fabulous variations of line - what more could an artist ask for?

Brian, Nancy, Carole, Willie, Michael, Guy, Heather and Alan for your positive and generous feedback. No, the other Alan, Alan.....yes reed pens are brilliant for messing about with, lots of lovely messy marks!

That's a cracker Fiona, love the colour of that blue ink.

Many thanks Val.

Love the character in this. This scene reminds me of Irish folk lore stories. I’m sure ther’s one to be told, to be sure. could be right Carole......he looks a little Leprechaun- ish......must be the pipe.

Very good pen and ink , excellent colours.

Thanks very much Richard!

Well fiona, you cracked it and nailed the character too.... Challenge complete.. 10/10. Best of all there orange in 😁😁👍👍

Alan, you are too’s blooming awful! Lol. However it did give me some figure practice, so thank you for that. Hope you are still cracking on a pace with your recovery. The weather has been pretty good, have you managed to get out for short stints, to paint?

Hi fiona Not quite at that stage, but think maybe next week. Fingers crossed.. I'm just getting my oil stuff together so I can embark on the next stage of my development. Lol...

Hang on Studio Wall

16”x12” ink on paper, using reed pen and dip pen. Here we go Alan, sorry it’s taken me so long to meet your challenge......this is the best of a bunch...the figure problem!! Lol

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