Double Dreich Day!


The spontaneity is great and like the colours on the fit trees.

That looks really really bleak!!!!

Like it , when you look close I can make out the hills and trees, like the colours.

Wow, this is great, Fiona!

Richard, Linda, Paul and Mia you wouldn’t believe it was the 3rd of July out there, even lit the stove this afternoon! Thank you very much for your comments.

It’s like that down here! Where has summer gone? You have portrayed the scene well Fiona. Btw, I like Richard’s “fit” trees!

Reminds me when we use to going walking high up in the hills, Merrick i think it was, looking towards the hill through the mist, just seems to get further away every time we looked. Nice painting Fiona.

Michael, I blame your remarks about the Galloway summer on your painting for the cause of this unwelcome wet and windy weather! Lol At least you’re sharing the misery.....I hope you’ve been sploshing the grey about. Yes my fit trees have been working out, it’s the climb up Cairnsmore. Thanks Michael, love your witty responses.

Thanks very much Derek! Yes Merrick is the highest of the Galloway hills, I live on the Cairnsmore of Fleet side but I can see the peak of the Merrick when it’s clear, and it’s always the first to get its winter cap of white.

Fiona, as they would say in my part of Yorkshire, "thats a reet mucky and claggy day" brings back quite a few memories of days in the Highlands, getting wet on the outside then finding a good pub with a good fire and getting wet on the inside at the end of the day :)). Love it great effects nice one.

Lovely depiction of a misty hillside Fiona

Certainly a dreary day Fiona. I love all that Scottish mist winding around the mountainside.

Not a good day to clime Cairnsmore Fiona especially after all that training!!! But what a wonderfully atmospheric painting. It's prety grey down here but the strong winds are the worst thing. July!!???

Sorry-should say climb

Malcolm, today has seen an improvement in the weather, not so much of a claggy day! Thanks very much for your comment. Thank you Stevan, not much of the hill showing today either, under the mists. Sarah, many thanks for your feedback, appreciated. Yes there’s plenty of it!

Carol, not to worry, that training will come in when you are here and we can climb Cairnsmore together! 🤞 Thank you x

Spontaneous and fascinating. Brilliant Fiona.

Thank you Colin, much appreciated.

I love how such economical use of paint conveys so much. This has so much atmosphere and energy, Fiona!

Seok thank you so much, you’re very kind.

Scotland in summer! Love those colours.

Lol.....yes! At least the rain is warmer!

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12”x12” watercolour on Waterford. This is Cairnsmore today, can’t see much of it but this is a glimpse of the hillside. Ultra marine (deep) burnt umber and raw umber.

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