Wigtown County Building

Wigtown County Building

I agree. It's well good that. I love the way you used the charcoal

That 12year old knows his stuff....very expressive, and just the right amounts of white.

He will be the new order of art critics, without the 'flowery verse" Fiona - and he's dead right, that is good missus!

Lol...thank you both, Diana and Andre! The conversation went on to him saying he did a bit of painting, I said go and get your paints, we’ll paint together. Nah....he said, I’m off for me dinner! I hope I bump into him again whilst I’m out, just for the craic!

Wouldn’t that be a refreshing change Adele! Thank you.

Well Missus, I think it's 'well good' as well!!

ill second that lad that's well good that is missus fab

The lad is right: it is good!

Ha ha ....thanks Louise, Dennis, Mia......I thought it was so funny the way he said it, not particularly what he said....lol. They have a language of their own.

Yup "Well good missus".

I really like this series Fiona, they are so lively and spontaneous oh and 'well good'!

Thanks very much Stephen, Sylvia and Carole for your lovely comments. It’s very liberating just whack on the charcoal and lift out with a putty rubber, even if the result is messy and not very accurate.

Yes, it probably does resemble this building, and it is indeed lively as was mentioned by Stephen. As you have asked me to give you critique here we go... If you are standing in the street looking up, I would expect the perspective to show this and it doesn't. If you are in another building looking out of a window at eye level then that's fine. I would like to see your main framework/structure lines slightly bolder than the incidental stuff, it all looks a bit similar and I want to see some powerful impact. With charcoal, or any drawing for that matter, you don't need to try and fill every bit of space in, go for the important lines and make something of them. You were mentioning John Piper to me recently - have a look at his work again and you will see that what he leaves out plays a major role in a successful drawing. Apart from that Fiona, you are on the right track and this should lead to an impressive folder of work on this current project.

What a structure Fiona. "Well you never know."

Yes Alan, I want critique and I thank you for being frank. The view I had of the building wasn’t from below or at street level but from up a lane that runs uphill from the building. As you have pointed it out as a perspective failing, I should have added a couple of the cottages that run either side of the lane down to the main building. I only wanted to get the roof top and the tower, so perhaps scaled it up too much. You see I don’t think of anything like that before I start, and it shows, as you have pointed out. Should plan my drawings before even pu

Oops....itchy trigger finger there! I should plan before starting, is what I’m trying to say. I will try and remember what you have said about giving more definition to the structure too. I did enjoy the scribbling though Alan. Thank you very much for taking the time to give me advice, I appreciate it. 😘

Thank you Dennis and John for your comments, much appreciated.

A great, loose style here Fiona.....I think you are very brave using charcoal......something I usually avoid doing whenever possible!

Thank you Chandra, yes it’s a bit messy, no, it’s a lot messy but i find it liberating.

I don't think that you needed to show the houses. Anyway, you know I am only trying to get you to the top of the class, and you are producing some interesting and varied work which is commendable.

Lovely drawing Fiona, nearly missed it they go off the page that quick 😏

Alan, I not only expect you to get me to the top of the class, I want that gold star as well! I appreciate your interest, you’re a treasure. 😘 Thanks Very much Linda! I find if I miss a day or two looking at the gallery, it takes me ages to catch up.

A good quick sketch though Fiona

Thanks David, took about five minutes!

Great free hand Fiona with a animated result! The Missus story is hilarious!

Thanks Satu! Yes, he was quite a character for someone so young but so natural with it.

Thanks Gudrun!

Really like this kind of intuitive charcoal drawing ✌🏻

Thank you very much Tomasz. This is quite an old one, I remember doing it though it was very cold.

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16x12 charcoal and chalk on sugar paper of the tower. Another addition to my project folder. Whilst I was doing this a young lad, perhaps 12ish, came to have a look and he said, “that’s well good that is missus”. I couldn’t stop laughing. I don’t think he will be following the road of becoming an art critic when he leaves school!

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