Quink Sketch

Quink Sketch

Beautiful sketch, Fiona!

Goodness Fiona, you are getting into these figure drawings, and superb they are too, I do love the ink and the way it runs everywhere, well, not quite everywhere.

Cesare, Gudrun...thank you!!! LOL Malcolm. I'm taking it easy with them, don't want to get banned from posting.....in the next one, the ink runs a bit further, I'll title it as X-Rated....lol Thanks for your comment.

Good dynamic drawing Fiona, bit of a muscular theme going on here, I suppose you would have to be reasonably in shape to bare all, I often cry when I see the reflection in the bathroom mirror!

Beautiful drawing and quality of line Fiona keep it up

You're very clever and comptent at this too Fiona. A great all-rounder.

Lol Stephen....don't look in the mirror! Thanks Stephen. Many thanks Dennis, Sylvia, Michael and Satu, very much.

Thought I was looking in the mirror for a moment lol. Seriously nice work

Great ink sketch Fiona....when you've finished with your model you can always pass him onto me! ;-)

Great contours, the highlights perfect Fiona!

Brilliant, love the shading given by the inks ... I had a go of my first full body portrait about a wk ago ....with a rugby ball off course ... I may dare to bare it lol 😅x

Where are you hiding all these adonis's Fiona?

How are you fixed for a sitting Paul? lol Thank you! Sarah, there's a queue......and I may well be a while before I'm finished with him...lol Thanks very much. Many thanks Carole, Helen...go for it! Marjorie, I couldn't possibly say but if you PM me, I'll give you details...lol! Thanks very much Michael.

I look in the mirror every morning but only to make sure I'm still here - by the way you've chopped of the important bit - aren't you good at painting faces? Now there's a gnome carton there somewhere !! LOL

Fiona you are brilliant, love it.

Your a dark horse Fiona , ha ha lol , serious though it's a lovely drawing.

Fiona, the Quink is so effective for these life studies!

Well Fiona, firstly thank you it's the first time I have seen a thank you for a comment to my name before I or someone else called Malcolm made a comment you must have foresight, I think you ment Alan?. And on the downside thanks for reminding me I once had a body in my youth when the army and mountaineering kept me very fit 😢. The drawing is very good, the only little observation I would make is that with a body shape like that, would you not see some definition on the abdominal muscle group? Sorry just being picky and very envious because I cannot do work as good as this :)))) nice one Fiona.

Great pecs! A really good study Fiona, your versatility is impressive.

One elluva torso and a smashing figure and tonal study Filona

BTW is there a non-genital rule in here?

Fantastic pectoral definition Fiona. Maybe sometime in the near future you could do the ladies a favour and portray the reverse of this figure with definition on the gluteus maximus, lol. Lovely piece of work.

Michael, thank you for the first laugh of the day!! Depends on your point of view as to which 'important bit' I've left out...but no I'm not good at faces!lol Thanks Jenny and Dennis, appreciate your comments.

Thanks Jenny, I don't think I would enjoy doing these in any other medium as much. Malcolm I think I may have been a little flustered, I do apologise on both counts; getting your name wrong and reminding you of days gone by. Yes you are probably right ref your observation Malcolm but to be honest, I couldn't take my attention away from his chest!!lol Thank you very much for your kind comment X Thanks very much Christine! Thank you Derek...that means a lot coming from yourself, I can't touch your life studies, not good enough. Anthony, I had to look gluteus maximus up...lol! I've already done them and posted...you missed them! Thank you very much for your comment.

PS Derek, not sure about the non-genital rule....didn't want to push my luck.

You're getting really good with these, Fiona. I love the effect of the inks, I think you've manipulated the unpredictability of the medium beautifully.

Many thanks Seok, I quite like the unpredictability of the ink.

Thanks very much John, I value your comment.

Great stuff Fiona that ink is amazing the amount of subtle tones it produces

Thanks Dermot!

I'm so sorry I have not commented on your recent fantastic work. It seems to take all my energy to occasionally paint and post. There's so much good stuff on here, isn't there? Your branching out into greater realism plus the figure work seems to add another dimension to your portfolio. Well done, Fiona!

Thank you Lionel, it's lovely to hear from you and I'm glad you have started posting again, yes I agree with you about the quality of work posted on POL at the moment. Some of it makes me want to throw my brushes in the bin and forget it!!lol I hope you will keep it up Lionel and I appreciate you taking the time to comment on my work, as I always have and your frankness, it's helped me along the way.

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Quink ink on Jackson rough paper.

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