Spanish Satsuma’s

Spanish Satsuma’s

beautiful, Fiona, love the blue background -vibrant!

Gorgeous colours, Fiona, and a lovely set of onions. They look ready for peeling and chopping, or chomping, depending. Bri

I don’t claim to understand the title but it’s a great little painting Fiona, very confident use of colour and form.

Gorgeous lively painting, Fiona.

Beautiful colours and love the composition.

Thanks Willie! I thought I may have over done the blue to be honest Brian.....the onions are from my garden. Thanks for your comment. Tessa it’s about a mixed up song title......I’m glad you like it, thank you. Many thanks Margaret and Sandra appreciate you taking a look.

Like the contrasting strong colours and the ink work, Fiona - lovely.

Nice and crispy complimentary colours , Love the ink outlining the onions, the shadows ,and the touches of oil pastel, Fiona.

I've looked again, Fiona, and think the colours are actually a feature and asset. I understand those niggling doubts but the blues and purples add a touch of zing, AND it looks entirely deliberate. The onion skins look crisp and dry. I thought the title referred to the mild flavour of Spanish onions, because my grandfather used to eat the large ones like an apple. Which song are you referencing? Truly beautiful still life. Bri

A real eye-catcher, Fiona. Beautiful strong colours and a delicious composition. Great work!

Love the design and shadows Fiona.

I love this, the colours, line, quality of the shadows. They are real. I think I even see traces of stuff. Maybe you should go bigger and bigger Fiona.

You obviously know your onions but I am glad the satsumas I had on my walk through the groves this morning didn't taste like these would.

Gorgeously vibrant Fiona!

Another great colourful watercolour Fiona. This would look brilliant hanging on a wall with your green tomatoes.

Very beautiful, Fiona.

Beautiful Fiona 👍🏻

Great painting Fiona and it goes so well with your green toms. You will have to frame them both!

Fantastic light and colours Fiona! I love inks with their strong luminous capacity. Concentrated watercolours are also good. A smashing still life!

Great warm colours Fiona.

Spanish satsumas grown in Scotland eh Fiona?! These look so real could have done with them when I was soup making yesterday. That fantastic purplish blue background certainly lifts then from the page. What veg/fruit is planned for the next painting?

This even better than the other purple shadow one. I hope you know which I mean!

Many thanks Maureen and Annick, much appreciated. Brian thank you for taking another look. I bet your grandfather never caught a cold eating raw onions! The song reference was in a comment on ‘green tomatoes’, and Booker T and the mgs ‘green onions’ music. It was suggested that my next painting be orange onions and the title should be Spanish know, clear as mud! You’re very kind Mia.....thank you.

Thanks Carole! Justin thank you! I have used a bit of stuff but it isn’t as good as the stuff you Bigger and bigger takes up too much room! Walked through the grove Tony? That sounds rather decadent.....thank you for your comment. Thank you Carole, Cesare, Val, Rachel, Margaret, Satu, Marjorie for your continued encouragement.

Ha ha Carol, why didn’t you say, I could have made you up a red cross parcel....onions, carrots, garlic. I’m digging up carrots at the moment, could be my next still life? Thanks very much x I do know which one you mean Gudrun......thank you very much indeed.

Well what can I say fiona, I am over joyed with this little beauty, and I've never had a painting ' spring ' out of conversation with an artist like that, I feel I've almost been a part of it.... Albeit.... From a distance.... And not with talent to pull it's a great job it's making me cry.... They're that fresh... Brilliant.... I LOVE IT... 👌 🆒🎨

Lol.....Alan, you’re as daft as a brush! Of course you are a part of it, you thought of the idea and gave me the inspiration.....anyway I have a huge supply of onions drying in the garage, and besides, what else can you do with them......soup? Thank you x

Ah yes, the rare savoury Spanish satsumas but not in the shops here :) Seriously though, the colours are so good. Bold and beautiful!

Lol....thank you Louise. No nothing as exotic as this in Tesco.

Thank you very much Jenny.

Hang on Studio Wall

12”x10” watercolour, ink and oil pastel on Arches. An idea birthed from a joke on my ‘green tomatoes ‘ painting. For Alan Benton, thanks for the idea and the title Alan! Lol

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