February Forum Challenge.

February Forum Challenge.

Conkering ( conquering) the world?..Has to be Fiona. ..

Water chestnut???Nice funny sketch , Fiona :)

Tis that old chestnut, the water chestnut conquering the world and I had no clues from anyone honest! Or, a drop in the ocean..not in the glass this time..lol Looks good whatever and I'm now thinking hard :)

Brilliantly inventive Fiona!

A new world emerging, (hopefully) LOL.

That is excellent, and soooo clever Fiona!!!

This is brilliant, Fiona. What a great idea, lovely drawing and painting.

Oooh that's a clever one Fiona! I haven't even started mine yet, I'm still thinking. 🤔🤔

I think I've got it... quite clever Fiona.

That’s really clever Fiona very well painted too. A much more challenging challenge!

Conkers, ?? love it Fiona,

Love the painting and the comments already made.

Jim's absolutely hit the right expression! So very good Fiona!

Nice one, Fiona, clever thinking!

Are we but a drop in the ocean springs to mind Fiona, brilliant 😀

You’ve all cracked this one in one way or another.....it could have several meanings. Thank you all for encouraging me! I still have a few more ideas, hope I get the time to produce them!

Very good Fiona... love it 👍🏻

Is this life after Brexit - where is Europe !! No doubt I am missing the point, not unusual ! Very good Fiona.

Very clever Fiona, I'll have to give this challenge a go :)

Rachel, Richard, Val and Gudrun.....thank you all very much for your comments!

Surreal, quirky and great fun, Fiona!

Hang on Studio Wall

I had to talk my husband through this one....’nut world’ he said! Lol ?????

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