End of summer greens

End of summer greens

Beautiful soft colours, full of atmosphere too, really good!

Super watercolour landscape Fiona, lovely washes, just enough details of the trees and fence and the cottage glimpsed through the trees

Really lovely, Fiona. Cannot fault you these days!

A delightful autumn scene Fiona, very harmonious with great palette.

Judging by this little gem of a painting I'm guessing you are more lowland Scotland than Highland now Fiona :) Where ever it is you've portrayed it beautifully and in such a lovely soft palette.

Very nice Fiona, that touch of Burnt Sienna in the tree gives it life. Do you think the windows and doors of the cottage are a little strong in tone, draws the eye?

The yellowing leaves on the tree are perfect against the soft purple landscape. What a lovely view Fiona!

Thanks very much everyone! Val, southwest Scotland, I'm very lucky to have fabulous views of the Galloway hills and the Cree estuary. Much tamer than the Highlands but still beautiful. Stephen, is it the windows or the red roof do you think? The actual roof is grey but I didn't think it would stand out so changed it to red......maybe I should have left it well alone because you are right, your eye does go straight to the cottage. Thanks again.

keep up the good work Fiona ... more please .. this is the way to go

Thanks Alan, that means a lot to me. X

Soft colours with contrasting detail, I like this Fiona.

Absolutely stunning, Fiona - full of atmosphere, and I love the palette.

Carole, Seok, many thanks to you both.

Just one glass of wine??!!! I find that two thirds of a bottle improves most of my pictures and generally viewed from the next room!! Thanks Gudrun, glad you like it.

Ooo - I love the texture of this paper - what is it?? This is just lovely - I like the almost aged look and the muted colours. Can't stop looking at it.

Hi Thea, I hope you are recoveing from your bump on the head. The paper is called Okra, it's a rag paper and is almost like painting on material. I have two sketch books of different sizes that are made up of this paper, it will take any medium too, which is useful. Thank you for your lovely comment, it does give me.....wait for it........confidence!

Smashing painting, love how you've painted the trees (something I need to learn).

Thank you very much Joseph.

Oh, i do love this one Fiona! Beautiful and gentle, just like a fading evening view that are rare and precious to catch. May i ask a few questions....I am not familiar with Okra paper (being in the US perhaps), I will look it up but what are a few of its special characteristics that you note? Also, it does not look like you generally wet your paper all over initially in most paintings....am I wrong with that thought? Lovely and skilled work.

You have a good eye Ron, it is evening time, in fact I wash washing the dinner pots at the kitchen sink (window faces west) and it was a beautiful sky, I threw off my rubber gloves, dashed to my art room and quickly did this sketch in my sketch book. That's where the Okra paper is; I have a leather bound sketch book which contains this paper, I don't know if you can buy it seperately. It's a cotton rag paper and will take quite a bit of abuse with any medium, oil, ink, watercolour. You need to use lots of water with your pigment and the only draw back is that it does take a long time to dry. I think that's why most of the work I do on it is wet into wet. But when dry the texture of the paper adds another dimension to your sketches, especially if you like painting in a loose style, I really like painting on it. Hope this helps. Thank you for taking the time to comment Ron.

Ron, sorry forgot to mention; no I don't generally wet the paper before applying paint.

Hang on Studio Wall

I did this quick sketch a couple of weeks ago, the view is across the fields were I live. I noticed that the late summer greens were starting to turn, so thought I had better catch them before there were no leaves at all! It looks totally different today. Okra paper, old Holland watercolours. Thanks for looking.

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