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Very vibrant Fiona 🙂

As mentioned below, the final brain teaser for you…..unless, there is an overwhelming desire from you all for more mental torture? One of your names will be plucked out of the hat by my unsuspecting assistant (he doesn’t know yet) Julian. I would love to give you all £20, it would be the least I can do…. it would go towards paying for your therapy sessions. If you are of a delicate disposition I strongly advise you not to look too deeply in to this one, there are lots of body parts….well I can see them! Faces, naughty lady, peacock, a fish called Nemo, striped cat, Zig & Zag puppets, swallows and Amazons, Albatross…….have fun darlings! Small print……I cannot accept any responsibility for side effects that might occur, I will tell the court, “they were drunk M’Lord”

Give me a chance ladies! Vibrant what though Carrie, yes lots of faces Sylvia.

Angry man with glasses,two fish at the bottom,,another man with pointy nose, tree in the centre with small person and dog to the right of it, birds on branch lower left. So much here👀

Family Argument after Christmas dinner

I can see two rather odd "gentleman" - one wearing glasses and with rather a sinister sneer and the other to his left with a nose that is remarkably bird like! The latter has definite alien like features.

Well there’s fun on a second look….don’t drink you paint water .

Inside down lady with a turbun. Two men with glasses looking through/over arms. And much more. Happy new year. Lol

Woops should read upside

Well, Robin bottom left, bespectacled face RH side, a multi legged insect thingy with a Fish above.

The man in glasses is so angry because the frog, lizard, bird and spider (image 2) got the bananas before he had chance to pick them. The haughty looking, big nosed lady with him here isn't that bothered!

Snoopy dog at the bottom is sleeping on his back whilst the princess riding the elephant (part hidden) is being watched by the bald gentleman who is being circled by 2 flying pterodactyls, an eagle that has caught a seal in its talons, and a dark angel; not to mention the flying turtle (with the long legs) and the flying aardvark. Did I mention the locust transforming into a mouse in the bottom right?

There was a film, The Grudge, a couple of decades ago, I can definitely see the grudge materialising, it sent shivers up my spine that very film. I can see a big head of a man, slightly to the left in the centre. A giraffe, eagle, bear, lot's of faces a platypus.

A shark, birds nest with babies, big bird singing its heart out, snoopy having a nap. gentleman with spectacles and sooooo much more.

A couple of interesting faces… that’s my lot on this one!

Man on the left, woman with glasses on right...maybe arguing?

No, Lewis, woman on the left, angry man in glasses on the right. Little dog and a goldfish looking up at them from the left. Mind how you dispose of those dregs, Fiona!

Some kids have just kicked a muddy football at a neighbours window and the angry neighbours spectacled eyes are looking through the mud

Oooo - I see two angry faces 🤓

I'm definitely getting the faces, also a few fists and the odd, ahem, bosom or two!!

Oh wow just seen this!! Surely everyones got all the creatures? Or have they 😏!Emm I see a pterodactyl top left. A sting Ray bottom right. An eagel ready to catch his prey near top left.. Top left. A big bad wolf near top right. Faces. Robin bottom left if turn painting. Lovely painting 🖼

At the bottom I see a smiling teddy bear on its back. I also see flying birds and a peacock top left. And on the right I'll go with angry eyes rather than boobs!

There is one large, rather angry face that is made up of five other faces with a blue clown fish making the teeth. In the top left hand corner there is a group of flying birds above a rather strange looking pelican. I’m not sure why there is a squid on the lower right hand side. I think I’d better lie down in a dark room now - psychoanalysis over!!!

I was just getting PJ’s on and retiring for the night and wondered how you cherubs were getting on with your homework. I have to say you have very lively, if not a little warped, imaginations which in my opinion cannot be solely put down to alcohol use only! In my expert opinion you’ve also been overdoing the intake of ‘C’, I can’t write, or think too hard about the word because it will have me running to the fridge, ripping the door off and devouring……the last few Black Magic. 🤢 I think I’m going to have nightmares, that’s your fault Marjorie, mentioning sludge. Unless you were referring to chocolate sludge…oh no, I said the word………………..

Definitely two faces, the one on the right wearing specs and looking rather cross! Also five toes peeping out of an open toed sandal at the very bottom and a Halloween like mask top centre. Hope the red isn’t meant to represent blood as you said this one was about body parts!

Winnie the Pooh looking very satisfied after all the Christmas food (bottom near the left). A crow sitting on a branch, plus two more crows to join the party. Sea creatures. Three faces.

I think everyone has just about spotted the two shifty characters just off centre, and lots of other crazy things. No connection with the colour and body parts Jenny…..I can guarantee no creatures or humans were harmed.

Faces a fish and a slice of bread. lol.

Well Fiona I must say that looking at all your images has made me feel a bit gaga. So for this one I shall just single out the smiley creature at the bottom on it's back. Ellen says Winnie the Pooh and I think it could also be Muttley in a good mood..hee hee hee hee...xx

A slice of bread David? Is that the slice with raspberry jam on it…lol. Join the Gaga club Diane……why can’t I see it! Perhaps if I stand on my head?

Hang on Studio Wall

The last one cherubs…….

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