Red Barns Glenturk


that's just fabulous, fiona, just fabulous -great topography

Love the fall of the landscape Fiona, not harsh colours at all, lovely and rich!

I like everything about it, Fiona. I don’t think it looks “mucky” and the charcoal highlights are just right. I find sometimes that photographing the finished painting, when done in acrylics, doesn’t always do them justice.

That is really different and I love it!!

Fiona, I like the charcoal line work as well as the composition and colours.

Really like this and for all the reasons everyone else has said

I think you are being over-critical. This is fabulous. It may not be what you had in your mind's eye, which often happens. I would be interested in your alternate version if you want to do that.

It's interesting and has potential Fiona. worth developing.

I am encouraged by your positive comments, thank you all. I may have another try using a similar composition but lighten up the palette.

I like the palette Fiona. Works for me and not at all 'mucky'. Like the winding roads and the deep cleft in the landscape on the left.

I’m not usually keen on abstracts Fiona, but it this is quite good and I’d happily hang this on my wall.

It’s got potential but needs a lift! I’d paint the sky in one flat grey/blue wash. Perhaps beef up some, not all, of the foreground areas, plus impasto even - I feel it’s all a touch flat.

I also like this Fiona, for the same reasons already said.

Agree with previous comments, this is lovely Fiona.

Intrigued by the interesting shapes and design of this unusual painting Fiona.

Very unusual, lovely.

Great composition. Love tge way the flowing geometry lead to the centre of interest.

Really like this Fiona. Having read all the comments and looked again I agree with what Alan said about the sky, a simple flat wash would work well. I doubt I would have thought that of my own bat.

Personally I like it very much Fiona. Wish I could paint that way !!!

I like this one as well Fiona and well done for experimenting and trying something different. For me, that's what painting is all about. Trying new techniques and learning as we go. Think you're a bit like me in that respect as I get bored painting the same subjects in the same way. New ideas and ways of working can be quite exciting and it's interesting for us to see the results as in this good one!

This is great.....thanks everyone for your advice and feedback. You’ve convinced me that it might be worth pursuing another try, maybe not exactly the same but similar. Thank again, very much appreciated. Yes Louise, I’m always flitting about doing something different, like you, I get bored if I don’t. X

I love the composition Fiona and some great shapes and lines. I especially like the little rock shapes. Overall a successful piece I'd say, lots to admire in it.

Many thanks Diane.

Hang on Studio Wall

16”x14” mixed media.....acrylic, charcoal and a bit of print transfer, a bit semi abstract. It was an experiment really, not keen how it turned out to be honest it’s a bit mucky looking. I’m not very good at using acrylics that’s probably the answer but I quite like the composition. Perhaps would have looked better in a different palette and not so harsh with the charcoal line work? Any ideas?

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