From The Ashes


Gorgeous Fiona a perfect treatment

I like the way the posts lead the eye to the centre of interest. Nice composition.

Wonderful mixed media work, as always.

A lovely painting which shows how a scene that we may pass and not take much notice of can be transformed by an artist into something special. With lovely thought and colourings .

You have bought it to life Fiona. super directional movement in those grasses.

I like this very much Fiona.

A lovely feel to this, Fiona, love the softness. I pass a single little tree when I walk through the dunes, it's " my tree". I look at it throughout the year, it's just beginning to sprout again...often thought of taking my gear to paint it...

I hope it survived, lovely painting Fiona.

Many thanks Dennis, Stevan, Jacqueline, John, Sandra, John and Marjorie. Appreciate you taking the time to look and comment. It’s off in the distance but I’ll keep my eye on it, see if I can spot any new growth. You should paint “your tree” Marjorie, it will belong to you then.

Me too Denise, thank you.

I love your style. Your clearly like messing about with all media.

A good composition, Fiona and so atmospheric I can feel the wind blowing.

Lovely burnt grass and the tree in the background with bracken twigs of faint edges gives the place a feeling of nostalgia as the blue sky lifts the premise into the fore front. I do admire the way you expressed the transition from different stages and brought it alive again! Oil pastels, charcoal, and wax crayons do seem to form the premise well Fiona, a lovely composition!

Beautiful simplicity!

I like your interpretation Fiona.

Lovely - my husband is always looking for lone trees to photograph. Well spotted. We call burning the gorse, swaling down here in Devon.

A stunner Fiona

Well this really is what you call mixed medium! Lovely work on the tree and foreground areas with interesting mark making.

Beautiful soft colour, hope the tree survives Fiona.

Fiona, your depiction of your chosen subject matter is always so well done.

Val-Irene, Anne, Angela, Sarah, Diane, Linda, Heather, Alan, Carole and George.....thank you all ever so much for your kind response.

I like the way you’ve portrayed the remnants of burning, but nature always has a way of surviving the odds.

Yet again super colours , and few but deft strokes for the grasses.

Thank you both very much Ellen and Richard.

Hang on Studio Wall

16”x12” mixed media....acrylic, gesso, charcoal, oil pastel and wax crayon on Jackson’s watercolour paper. I don’t know if this tree is dead or alive, it’s on the Carse going down to the estuary. Last year this rough, un-drained piece of grassland was Muir burned to thin out the sedge and whin (gorse.) I only noticed it this morning as it stood out against the blonde dead grass and the blue sky. Hope it survived the flames.

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